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Blockchain / Bitcoin Training Session - 3rd January 2021

New ! On 3rd January 2021 which was the 12th Bitcoin Mining anniversary, Kaytek Director Mahesh Khatri along with Mr Rehan Vakil & Mr Zeeshan Vakil, the founders of Galaxy Crypto Consulting Ltd conducted an online Zoom Training Session on Understanding Blockchains & Bitcoin. The session lasted for more than 2 & 1/2 hours and was attended by more than 35 people who shared positive feedback on the same. The participant's feedback is shown below. In case of further interest, the actual data with participant's names can also be shown. (26th January 2021).

Hi Mahesh; I had a medical emergency to attend to during the session. I did login but couldn't listen in. Hence I don't have any feedback. Apologies.

It was very useful!! Bought a couple a long time ago and was worried about safety issues and no asset backing. Figured out a bit today. Making money in BTC and ethereum which I bought when it launched intending to read and figure later. My stupidity helped me make a bit of money!! Can I get the Galaxy presentation please ?

It was a very interesting session. I'm glad I could attend it. Thank you Mr. Mahesh!

As a first cut submission; the content could be more practical relevant; from an actual applicability perspective; rather than just theory. This is more for block-chain; than Bitcoin.


Thanks Mahesh for this excellent presentation. Made me realize I have a lot of reading; catching up to do myself. Thanks for your efforts.

Mahesh a really interesting session which has covered the basics of blockchain and Bitcoin. Will you be taking it a step further to show the application of blockchain in other industries such as logistics ?

Overall presentation great; early talk of technical blockchains was little difficult as not engineer; but overall concept was very good!! Bitcoin talk was easier to understand... like shares; commodity market etc.!! Waiting for next webinar!

Thanks a lot to you and to Rehan and Neeshan.Very interesting and a pointer to future all encompassing change.l hope I got the spelling of names correct! Today's meet was very good. Thanks.

Hi Mahesh; thank you for the excellent session.. it was just perfect for novices like me.. Cheers.

Mahesh and Rehan thanks for a very informative session.

Thank you Mahesh. I must appreciate the efforts you took not only for organizing the webinar and preparing your presentation; but also in ensuring that all the queries are answered to everyone's satisfaction. Look forward to learning more from you in future. I'll fill up the survey also. However; messaging as well that I'd like to be a part of the broadcast group you're planning. Thank you.

Mahesh; I appreciate your response and follow up. This is helpful. You are a wonderful person and doing this is amazing. Long live and take care! Also; thanks to you; Zeshan and Rehan for conducting this session. It was an amazing learn on the first week of the new year. Thanks again!!

Thank you for your session today. I was there till 9 AM for your session and had to leave for some other commitment. I found it very useful to learn. Bout the very basics of block chain. I would connect some time to catch up on Bitcoin. Thank you. Will speak. The session was very good!!

A lovely informative session by Mahesh khatri on block chain and bit coins ! So cutting edge! Thanks dear Mahesh. Thanks dear Mahesh for the meet as well as the resource page. Shall fill up the one page survey sheet in next few days !

Thank you Sir; it was great presenting alongside you. With regards to the presentation. There was a mistake with the public keys and private keys. Where the public keys are are used to send and receive. The private keys are meant for recovery. So for an individual to steal crypto would need private keys. It might have a tongue slip by mistake or something. But other than that presentation was perfect.



Thank you so much.

Dear Mahesh; Thanks for such an informative session. All new things to learn; way beyond my imagination. Mahesh; I was going to suggest to break session into two - one hr each. Attention span dwindles (not that had any great in college days ??)

Mahesh; thank you and Rehan and Zeeshan. Great presentation and an eye opener to the world of Block Chain & Bitcoin. Kept me hooked. Signing off now (it’s almost midnight) Catch up soon. Happy Sunday !!

Hi Mahesh - I realize you Rehan and Zeeshan had a huge challenge to explain such a complex topic in just over 2 hours. I am beginning to understand a bit of the technology involved; and the impact of crypto currency in the years ahead. But to tell you the truth; it will take me much more time to grasp the mechanisms of their creation and how a common man take advantage of it. The concept of Bitcoin mining was a bit difficult to understand and the mining setup that Rehan was kind enough to share was overwhelming. All in all; it was 150 minutes well spent. Thanks again to all of you.

I am not sure of the audience who attended yesterday. Your presentation was very good on blockchain concept.

Thank you very much for the session. Can you ll recommend some good reads on The subject. And some recommended newsletters. Really appreciate all of you ll taking out time.

Overall positive & useful.

Hi Mahesh .. both the presentations were very clear and useful. I did understand ... especially thanks to your presentation's examples which were at a basic level which is what was required for beginners like me. So glad you sent me an invite .. I did find it very useful .. please do let me know if u are hosting any such webinars in future too ... a big thank you.

Thank you Sir.

Thank you sir gained experience and knowledge. Sir with regards to creation of Bitcoin the white paper was published in 2008 the first block which was mined by Satoshi was in 2009.

Corporate Blockchain Training Session for Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturer - 27th June 2020

New ! Kaytek Director Mahesh Khatri recently conducted an online 2 Hour / 300+ slides Training Session on Blockchain Concepts & Potential for the sales, marketing & technical support team of a Global Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturer. The session covered basics of Blockchain, its invention / intended use, its initial applications, advantages, disadvantages, use of blockchain within pharmaceutical & other industries & implementation of blockchain in the IT Systems of the machines with benefits if any. The participant's feedback is shown below. (26th February 2021).

Dear Sir, The overall presentation was very nice and the way you presented/explained Blockchain concept using Bitcoin as an example was also very nice. Thank You for that informative session.

Was a good primer to introduce the concept to us. Looking forward to future engagements about the applications to our business.

Quite an overview for a new vast branch of technology.

Wonderful session with good insights.

Thank you for inviting me to the session. The lecture was very interesting and informative. The level and diversity of discussion were excellent. Thanks.

The presentation was nice !

It was a nice talk, gave nice insights on basics.

Very valuable content. A synopsis by you will really help. Thank you Mahesh, for accepting invite and coming over to do this for all of us.

Informative and interesting session.

Very useful for me to to learn / know in all respects from this session not only technically but also commercial wise.

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