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Integrating ERP Software with Legacy Systems

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Background : Kaytek Consulting Director answered a query on a global ERP forum. This was as follows :

Question : Who is responsible for integration of the ERP Software with the legacy systems ?

Is it the ERP Vendor or is it the Internal IT Department which is maintaining the legacy systems ?

Down Arrow Points to consider :

Gray Arrow Is it a one way integration or a bi-directional integration ?

Gray Arrow Are the legacy systems orphaned or do they have proper ownership and parentage ? (i.e. somebody e.g. the IT department, presumably is in charge.)

Also, it is assumed that the legacy systems are defect free before the integration with the ERP software is done.

Under any case, the entity generating the data from the source system is responsible for the same upto a pre-defined destination.

If the ERP system is a source for some data into the legacy system, then the owner of that system - the implementer or the ERP vendor would be responsible for the generation of data in a format and schedule that maps to that of the target legacy systems.

The reverse scenario is also true.

If the legacy system is a source for some data into the ERP software, then the owner of the legacy system (maybe the IT department or another third party contractor ) is responsible for the generation of data in a format and schedule that maps to that of the target ERP system.

Who should take the final responsibility for integration ?

If neither the external ERP Vendor nor the Internal IT department of them are willing to accept responsibility for their respective integration roles upto the other end, then they should agree on responsibility for integration upto a mid-way intermediary stage, whose specifications would have to be agreed upon by both of them.

With a broker in between.

It takes two to shake hands. But when the two are very far off, then they need to be brought closer to each other.

The business project managers have to play that role.

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