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5 'I' Factors Affecting Education in India

Industry's Changing Expectations

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Industry's Changing Requirements from Education

Gray Arrow Traditionally, Business, Trade and other Non Profit Organizations have been the supporters of the Educational System in terms of their being able to absorb the students from the Educational System via Part Time or Full Time Job Positions.

However, Organisations all over the world are themselves facing an uncertain world.

Their expectations and requirements from their future employees (today's students) are becoming more and more tight.

They seek Optimal Return on Investments (ROI) from their costs in employing the students at the workplace.

Their changing needs must be kept pace by the educational system.

Also, many organizations have proprietary educational material.

This needs to be shared with academic institutions as relevant so that the students get exposed to industry in a much faster manner and start contributing to the organizational business and other goals.

However, there is a lot of work to be done in the Indian Educational Sector to make it Value as well as Volume Driven.

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