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Choosing An Educational Course ?

Some Points To Consider...

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In my humble opinion, you must consider a few factors before deciding to invest in any educational course :

Gray Arrow First, your budget.

You have to be able to recover the money that you spend as soon as possible.

Gray Arrow Second, the genuineness of quality of education offered by the institution.

Do they deliver what they promise ? You have to verify the same by talking to their past students. The Quality of their Current Faculty is also a good indication. As always, do not go by what they say they will do in the future. Go by what they have done in the past.

Their willingness & ability to help you attain your immediate objectives should be the sole decision making criteria.

Do not get dazzled only by impressive looking physical infrastructure. It may be an eye-wash. Just to impress you. The most important parameter is the quality of teaching that you will receive. Not the quality of the furniture or the comfort of their classroom.

Gray Arrow Third, after completing the course what would be the value that you would get ?

Would it be the extra knowledge ? Extra Hands-On Experience ? A chance to network with and learn from other students ?

Gray Arrow Fourth, the course timings must be convenient to fit within your already busy life.

Gray Arrow Lastly, does the course have global value ? Will a global certification be enough to help your career prospects ?

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