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Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)

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Down Arrow 4.0 - Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)

Gray Arrow Students are encouraged to take part in co-curricular activities (CCAs), that usually involve sports, hobbies and cultural activities, that are different from their studies.

Gray Arrow Students are required to take 2-3 CCAs for their two years of junior college life.

Gray Arrow During the 1st year of Junior College (11th Class), students are mainly recruits of the CCAs & learn CCA workings.

Gray Arrow In the second year , the students form the CCA committees and run the CCA . e.g. Captain of sports teams, secretary of a club etc.

Gray Arrow Besides this, physical fitness is also an important part of the college life.

Gray Arrow There is a compulsory fitness test called the NAPFA test, which is required to be passed by all Singapore nationality male students to prepare them for two years of compulsory National Service (NS) after junior college. Consists of a 2.4 km run, pull-ups, stretching, sprints, sit-ups and long jumps.

Down Arrow CCAs - Sports

Soccer Square Separator Cricket Square Separator Basketball Square Separator Volleyball Square Separator Softball Square Separator Canoeing Square Separator Rifle-Shooting Square Separator Rugby Square Separator Table Tennis Square Separator Lawn Tennis Square Separator Squash Square Separator Mountain Trekking Square Separator Water Polo Square Separator Track and Field Square Separator Badminton

Down Arrow CCAs- Cultural Societies and Clubs

Western Dance Square Separator Chinese Dance Square Separator Indian Cultural Society Square Separator Malay Society Square Separator Chinese Society Square Separator Tae Kwon Do Club Square Separator Judo Square Separator Wushu Society Square Separator Choir Square Separator Mathematics Society Square Separator Debate Society Square Separator Geographical Society Square Separator Student Council

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