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Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek ERP Consulting Perspectives

Kaytek's Consulting Director evaluated ACCPAC ERP earlier.

Feedback as regards certain features of the ACCPAC Software at that point was expressed on an electronic forum.

ACCPAC responses as regards the same were received.

This exchange of viewpoints is reproduced as five numbered points below.

Down Arrow 1.0 - The Purchasing Module does not have 'Supplier Price Enquiry' functionality after the Requisition Stage and before Placement of Purchase Orders. This feature should be there in an ERP product.

Gray Arrow ACCPAC Response - ACCPAC Advantage Series PO module ver5.2 has the facility to collect 3 quotes and select one quote against the PO.

However if you want to have the complete "Procurement" activities - ACCPAC has addon modules (partner) to support this functionalities.

Down Arrow 2.0 - The screen for Receipts via Inventory is separate from the screen for Receipts via Purchase Order which in my opinion is a drawback.

The "Procurement" module goes beyond just the Price Inquiry (RFP), to collecting online proposals, Comparison Charts, Online negotiations and recording the nego details for future reference.. and much more.

Gray Arrow Kaytek Reply - Till I see the addon modules in 5.2, I would not be able to comment on the same.

Gray Arrow ACCPAC Response - GRN against a PO is for effective Payment processing. As a PO, GRN and PI - associated with Payment need to be managed in line by this facility.

A direct receipt via inventory allows you to shift / transfer locations, on a returnable basis and get the returns without affecting the purchase process.

I see this as a good advantage.

Gray Arrow Kaytek Reply - In our viewpoint, Any Receipts (whether with or without Purchase Order) can be handled via One Screen only without loosing the advantages mentioned by you above.

Down Arrow 3.0 - The product assumes that the Item Outgoings and Item Billings / Invoicing are one event which may not necessarily be true in all cases.

Gray Arrow ACCPAC Response - AAS latest version 5.2 has good enhancements on this issue.

However, in your Hardware Trading and Servicing business - you want the functionalities mainly to track the items going out as spares used for servicing.

Then you shall go for an elaborate Service Module - which more than tracking those spares - can register the service calls - assign to Engineers - collect day end report and see the problems reported are being solved / kept pending and plan resources accordingly.

Gray Arrow Kaytek Reply - I would like to see version 5.2 before commenting on the above.

Also, the Requirements for Hardware Trading / Servicing are no way related to the above.

Down Arrow 4.0 - The system has a 'Batching Concept' for Data Entry which in my opinion, could be cumbersome for many organisations.

Gray Arrow ACCPAC Response - AAS has batch and online concept of data entry.

Say for example you are preparing a Sales Invoice.

Your inventory is affected online and your books of accounts will be waiting to get updated and reduced.

As this Invoice needs to be approved by the sales dept head (waits in the AR batch before approval and posting) and then waits in GL batch for the Finance head / Accountant to approve and post.

You can by-pass this GL Batch waiting by configuring the OE setup option of do a direct posting.

Gray Arrow Kaytek Reply - I was not aware of the OE Setup Option of Direct-Document Level Updates possible without going through the Batching Route.

Down Arrow 5.0 - Overall Product Architecture can be improved in our humble opinion.

Gray Arrow ACCPAC Response - Hope this clarifies - and to add more the Product Architecture is one among the top architectures which had been vouched by CPAs and CAs in India too.

ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) has included ACCPAC as the ERP in their curriculum of "200 hours of Compulsory computer training for CA Students" and we had already completed 3 batches of training too.

Gray Arrow Kaytek Reply - The ICAI knows what it is doing.

We know what we are doing.

Our viewpoint remains unchanged.

Gray Arrow Can we help you with our ERP Consulting Services for your organization ? Kindly let us know.


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