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An ERP is not just an Independent Accounting System or a Standalone Payroll System.

It involves an Integrated Holistic View of All the Overall Resources of An Organization, not just a Narrow Technical or Functional Perspective of only one domain or work area.

As the name ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) suggests, an ERP software is concerned with all of an Enterprise's Resources :

Square Separator Men Square Separator Methods Square Separator Money Square Separator Markets Square Separator Materials Square Separator Mortar-Brick Square Separator Machines Square Separator Messages Square Separator

The functionality of all these above M-Assets are completely integrated within an ERP software.

By virtue of the nature of the problem ERP software is trying to solve, it necessarily has to be complex in it's internal functioning.

This is very important to remember. So whatever one does within a good ERP system, one has to be pretty sure of it's impact at multiple points within the system.

Nothing in an ERP software can be done in isolation. There are no easy way out short-cuts of beating the system since all it's aspects are completely integrated internally.

If you are looking for shortcuts, go elsewhere.

ERP is not for you. Also, it takes time to be established as an Expert in any area.

Perseverance and patience pays profitably.

Gray Arrow SAP like any other Complex ERP Software is a good example. It needs A Disciplined 'Systems' Mindset and a Process Driven Methodical Detailed Approach for both Study & Usage.

With Cloud Computing & Service Oriented Architecture, it is expected that the complexity of the internal architecture of ERP software packages may be simplified.

This would be done with High Level Abstraction of the different services that would comprise the internals of the ERP software and their reuse via established patterns.

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