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For those people who are interested in serious software careers, they could perhaps also focus on learning the following software skills as the 3 strong foundational pillars - SQL, UML and XML ( Hence the 3 'L' - SUX Acronym ) for any technical software career.

Gray Arrow SQL - Structured Query Language - is very useful for storing data in Databases or RDBMS (Relational Database Management Softwares) which are the backbone of most ERP applications.

Examples of RDBMS are Oracle, IBM's DB2, Microsoft's SQL and the Open Source MySQL and many others.

Knowledge of SQL is basically common across all the above RDBMS software (as they are based on open standards) and also earlier DBMS packages like dBase and Foxpro.

Hence it is a crucial generic technical skill for a life long software career and also a very useful tool for managers and non-technical people to learn for extracting data out of corporate databases.

Gray Arrow People may also look at EAI - Enterprise Application Integration skills beyond ERP.

Gray Arrow UML - Unified Modelling Language helps in ensuring that Systems Analysts and Designers are able to model User Requirements in a commonly understood language.

It bridges the gap between the business requirements and the technical software requirements at various levels.

UML is the result of standardization of various methodologies used earlier to describe requirements and models of software systems both from a business and technical viewpoints.

Recently, Microsoft has launched OSLO, a Platform for Model-Driven Applications. They have also agreed to join Object Management Group - OMG which is leading the UML effort and support some UML diagrams.

Gray Arrow XML - Extensible Mark-Up Language is used to ensure that the meaning of the context of the data or the content is easily understood not only by human beings but by other software applications.

XML adds a business understanding wrapper around the software data to give it meaning and context.

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