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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

" With My Strong Functional Experience,

can I move to an ERP Career ? "

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek Career Consulting Insights

This path is for Persons experienced in Functions such as Accounts, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Materials, Production etc.

Down Arrow Desired Pre-Requisites for a Career in the same are :

 Gray Arrow Specific ERP Software Functional Module Specific Operational Knowledge (Configuration, Tables, Documents, Events) As A User In An Organization.

Functional Careers in ERP - Title

 For functional careers, Specific ERP Software Module wise knowledge and hands-on skill in different functional areas such Design, Production, Accounting, Sales, Purchase and Others.

 Gray Arrow Quality ERP Functional, Implementation and Process Experience.

 Gray Arrow Post-Graduate MBA and/or Function Specific Additional Academic Qualifications.

 Gray Arrow Orientation To Logical Systems and Process Oriented Thinking.

 Gray Arrow Upto-Date Knowledge of Function-wise Process Capabilities and Limitations.

 Gray Arrow Milestone-Based Project Management and Documentation Skills.

 Gray Arrow Inter-Personal Communication (Oral and Written) and Presentation Skills.

 Gray Arrow Standard Office Productivity Software Operational Skills.

Gray Arrow For More on SAP Functional Career Options, kindly click here.

Tip ! Gray Arrow One Path of Evolution from Specific Functional Knowledge is towards Function Independent Generic Thoughts at Higher Levels of Abstraction.

Gray Arrow Experienced Industry Professionals needing details of Our ERP-Functional Career Guidance Services, kindly email us your queries and latest Resume as per our guidelines.


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