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Customer Sales Accounting Systems

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek Business / IT Services

Gray Arrow Kaytek deploys a Customer Invoice Tracking & Follow-Up System using Google's PAAS (Platform As A Service ) Cloud Solution - Google App Engine. ( 3rd June 2010)

Customer Accounting Systems Help In
Kaytek Raise Revenues Raising Revenues &
Kaytek Satisfy Stakeholders Satisfying Stakeholders

to ensure alignment of all stakeholders towards enhanced customer satisfaction.

A Single Enterprise wide of A Customer across multiple product & service lines, multiple channels, multiple geographies & multiple accounts is a strategic asset.

It not only helps build customer loyalty but also reduces customer transaction costs and increases the probability of profitable repeat business from customers.

This single enterprise view of the customer must be available at all information interface points across the organization. It must be possible to view this information not only for the current financial period, but also all cumulative past periods for which customer transactions exist.

Not only customer accounting transactions should be captured, but also other non accounting transactions must be easily integrated.

All Customer Transactions related Business Documents such as Enquiries, Proposals, Sales Order Forms, Invoices, Shipping Documents, Delivery Documents, Payment Advices, Outstanding Payments Position and more must be easily available.

With the advent of Software As A Service (SAAS) solutions in the areas of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), it should also be possible to integrate and exchange information between these CRM solutions and the Customer Accounting Systems.

Going ahead, Business Intelligence Powered Customer Analytics solutions should also be able to slice and dice the customer information from various product, geographic, segment perspectives to deliver unique customer insights that delight the customer as well as ensure that the customer operations and offerings continue to remain profitable for the organization.

It remains a challenge even for the most technologically advanced organizations to deliver this single point enterprise wide customer view.

Down Arrow Multi-National / Domestic Airlines

Gray Arrow Ticket and Cargo Sales Accounting Systems & More...

Down Arrow Education & Professional Services

Gray Arrow European Nationals Children School - Design, Development, Implementation, Support and Maintenance of Children's Information and Billing Software.

Gray Arrow Employee Related Legal Consultant - Design and Development of Billing Software.

Down Arrow Manufacturing Sector
(Discrete & Process)

Gray Arrow Orthopaedic Instruments Manufacturer - Requirements Study and Analysis of Integrated Sales Ordering, Invoicing and Finished Goods Inventory System

Gray Arrow Pharmaceutical Company - Analysis, Design and Development of Sales Order, Invoicing and Inventory System.

Gray Arrow Circuit Breaker Manufacturing Company - Analysis and Study of Sales Order Processing Systems.

Gray Arrow Multinational - Web Sales Ordering & Invoicing Software Prototype using Oracle Application Express (Apex) & RDBMS.

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