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Review Of FACT Financial Accounting Software

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Down Arrow For one of our manufacturing customers, Kaytek briefly reviewed FACT, an India-centric Asia Pacific standard accounting package as regards it's feaures and suitability for usage.

Our brief evaluation report as regards the same is published below.

Gray Arrow 1.0 - Product Quantity Field - Varying 2/3 decimal places in some screens.

Gray Arrow 2.0 - No support for multiple Orders Per Challan (Delivery Note).

Gray Arrow 3.0 - No support for Order Delivery Dates on Orders or for Products.

Gray Arrow 4.0 - No support for Billing or Shipping Customer different than Order Customer.

Gray Arrow 5.0 - No direct support for Salesman or Division on Sales Order directly (except through the Facility of Document Class).

Gray Arrow 6.0 - Allocation not supported in the system.

Gray Arrow 7.0 - Facility required for multiple document Class Fields per Transaction screen.

Gray Arrow 8.0 - Document Class 6 digits Field may not be sufficient.

Gray Arrow 9.0 - No support for multiple level hierarchies for manufactured parts.

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Gray Arrow 10.0 - No support for Non-Billable Challans (Delivery Notes).

Gray Arrow 11.0 - Facility to capture Product Attributes e.g. Ownership, Usage not present in the software.

Gray Arrow 12.0 - Rate/Amount Fields on Challan - Not as per requirements (However, Can be designed as per Document Designer).

Gray Arrow 13.0 - Cost Centre Concept as implemented not clear. Should be linked to Accounting System.

Gray Arrow 14.0 - No facility for analysis reports being done on Master Entity Codes like Product Codes, Vendor Codes, Customer Codes etc.

Gray Arrow 15.0 - Cost Centre Hierarchy not supported.

Gray Arrow 16.0 - Concept of Unit Master not present with Facility for unit definition. Only 2 units per master-entity defined.

Gray Arrow Conclusion : Unsuitable.

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