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Structural Changes In Global &

Indian Financial Systems & Markets

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Down Arrow Structural Changes in the Global Financial Services Marketplace - Positives For India ( 31st October 2008)

The Collapse of the Twin Towers of Capitalism - Lehman Brothers & AIG in September 2008 signified a structural change in the global financial services industry. This already has had huge impact on the global financial services business.

One of the positives for India will be that the estimated 1.5 US Trillion Dollars of Money belonging to Indians and currently lying outside India's banking system may finally start coming back to India.

This return of capital to India will help strengthen the currently falling Indian Rupee against the US Dollar.

Also, India has Billions of it's citizens who are currently out of the organized financial system.

India can take the lead via microfinance programs and other initiatives to create new innovative business models that will help integrate these cizitens into the world of banking and organized finance.

Similar to the impact of Tata's Nano Car to the global automotive industry, these uniquely Indian innovations in finance will help create new path breaking business and financial models for the global financial industry in the years to come.

Updated ! The Renowned Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen has reteirated the same viewpoint in the Indian Express newspaper on December 20th 2008. ( 6th January 2009)

Down Arrow Structural Changes in the Financial Services Marketplace in India

Gray Arrow The entire Indian financial services space is currently witnessing major structural changes with the entry of large aggressive national institutional, wholesale & retail players as well as increased levels of interests / investments in existing online brokerage players.

Also, post 2009, once the foreign banks come to India as per the liberalisation promised by the Government, the entire sector will see a further consolidation and a possible shakeout.

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