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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

" How will you Meet My Unique Needs ? "

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Down Arrow Corporate Customers / Institutional Buyers in India

Kaytek as your All India Single-Source IT & Systems Vendor !!

We can cater to your Hardware, Networking (Both Wired & Wireless) , Systems Integration Requirements anywhere in India.

Even though our Offices are in Mumbai only, through a strong network of like minded value providing ethics driven IT Resellers & Service Partners all over India, we can cater to your all India requirements.

We can also study your Existing Hardware and IT Infrastructure and suggest suitable Ugradation possibilities.

Technology is Fast Evolving !!

Do not let your ambitious expansion plans get stymied by old obsolete Equipment !!

If required, using proprietary templates, Kaytek can help you prepare a Return On Investment(ROI) Plan for your IT Purchases !!

We are one of the few IT organizations in India who strive for standard uniform service offerings and deliverables between our overseas and Indian customers.

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Down Arrow Non Corporate Business Organizations in Mumbai

Difficult to attract and retain IT Staff ? Let Kaytek act as your IT & Systems Arm !!

Information Technology is fast becoming a Commodity !

What is not becoming a Commodity is the Utilisation of Information Technology for Profitable Business Growth and Expansion!

Let Kaytek as your IT Partner, assist you in the same !

At every step of your Computerization Journey, right from a Single PC, to a Single Office LAN (Local Area Network) Setup to Multiple Office Wide Area Networking, Kaytek can be your Guide !!

Kaytek can provide you with Independent Timely, Technical Advice in areas of Hardware, Software (Standard, Custom-Built) Internet Connectivity, Networking and other IT areas.

Our Software and Consulting Division can also help you with Fresh Insights and Perspectives for Profitable Growth of your Business Globally !!

Come talk to us today !


Down Arrow Individual Computer Buyer in Mumbai

Are you looking for the Right Computer or Peripheral for your Home, Office or Workplace ?

If you are looking at dealing with a long-term IT Industry Player, you have come to the right place. As many of our Esteemed customers have discovered.

You need to talk to some of them ? Sure !! Call us up today.

We would be glad to give you the contact references of our existing customers.


Down Arrow Individual Computer Buyer in Mumbai

Both Large and Small Customers. We are Committed to your Ongoing Success.

Always. Every Time. For all our Stakeholders.

Down Arrow Foreigners / Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)

Are you looking at Gifting a Computer to your friend, relative or family person in Mumbai or elsewhere in India ? We can help.

Even if you have already decided on a configuration or a computer model from the Internet, we can help you negotiate prices, arrive at a suitable configuration, handle all the paperwork, documentation, deliveries, install the same and provide support at fixed prices with pre-specified support committments.

Gray Arrow Kindly Email us appropriately.

Down Arrow IT Resellers / Suppliers outside Mumbai

Would you like Kaytek to help your customers in Mumbai ? Or would you like to offer our Software and IT Consulting Services to your customers in your location ?

Gray Arrow Kindly Email us appropriately.


Interested in Leveraging your Existing IT Infrastructure for the Internet ?

Gray Arrow You may be interested in our Services or Perspectives on the Web / Internet.

Covergence of Computing & Communication Technologies !!

Gray Arrow Kaytek Helps You Leverage The Convergence Of Computing Techologies and Communication Technologies for Better Productivity, Knowledge and Growth. To see more click here.

Web www.kaytek.co.in

Kaytek - Leverage Knowledge And Technology

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