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Down Arrow Container Shipping Line

For the world's largest container line at multiple locations in India, Kaytek worked on three different projects covering the areas of cost management, market planning & trucking division accounting & costing. These were also demonstrated to the customer's Information Technology department at Hamburg, Germany who found them functionally comprehensive in comparison to their existing IBM mainframe based systems.

Down Arrow Cost Management System

Kaytek implemented a cost management system for systematized cost comparison and control within budgets, estimates & actual costs. The system consisted of the following modules :

Gray Arrow Master Modules - Location, Container, Corridor, Supplier, Vessel, Head Office Account, Activity Group, Local Account, Activity Status, Activity Scenario, Scenario - Local Account Link & Supplier Rates.

Down Arrow Transaction Modules :

Gray Arrow Supplier Work Orders : - Facility for Creation / Printing / Modification & freezing of Supplier Work Orders consisting of the following details - Vessel Voyage, Corridor (for ICD & Intermodal Port Volumes), Activity Date, Container Volumes - Line wise, Scenario wise, Booking wise & Local Account Code wise, Volumes Allocation To Suppliers, etc.

Gray Arrow Estimates : Creation of estimates from Work Orders, freezing and printing of the same.

Gray Arrow Supplier Invoices : Entry of Supplier Invoices, checking and matching of Invoices to Work Orders & Marking of Work Order & Invoice Payment Status.

Gray Arrow Reports Module : Reporting on the regional operational costs at ports, terminals on movement, handling and storage of both full and empty containers either originating from or departing from the region. Various report types - Transaction, Comparison, Regional Analysis, Management Information System (MIS) & Data Aggregation / Transfer were generated.

Down Arrow Market Planning System

The sales / market planning system had the following modules :

Down Arrow Master & Transaction Data - Input of quarterly market related data as follows :

Gray Arrow Origin / Destination Countries

Gray Arrow Lines

Gray Arrow Commodities

Gray Arrow Customer Types - Shipper or Exporter, Forwarder or Clearing Agent, Freight Broker, Consignee Representative,

Gray Arrow Total Volume Potential of customer per commodity in FFE

Gray Arrow Company Targets split into 20' or 40 ' based on historical data

Gray Arrow Container Types - Dry, Closed, Reefer, Specials of various sizes

Gray Arrow Gross Revenue Figures.

Gray Arrow Multiple Location Data Transfer - The system was implemented at multiple locations in a 3 tier hierarchial manner - the head office, regional offices and various data locations with data transfer (upload and download) module between the different software locations.

Down Arrow Reports Module : Various Types of reports were generated from the system :

Gray Arrow Rolling Plan Report with origin, line and destination as parameters

Gray Arrow Analysis Reports based on seven user defined parameters - Origin, Line, Destination, Shipper, Commodity, Container Type & Quarter Code enabling over 336 different combinations.
The powerful reporting facility allowed free selection of parameters in any sequence, automatic breaks on all selected parameters, additional choice of detailed or summary options and complete flexibility in choosing either single or multiple discrete or multiple continous parameter values.

Gray Arrow Trucking Division - Accounting / Costing System Study & Design

For the customer's newly started trucking division, Kaytek designed and developed an operations software to keep track of the vehicle movements and activities. The system had the following modules :

Down Arrow Master Modules

Gray Arrow Corporate Masters - Supplier, Equipment Type, Location (linked to Equipment, Supplier), Container, Currency, Sector (linked to location), Checks (linked to Equipment) , Commodity.

Gray Arrow Local Masters - Supplier Details (linked to Supplier Type), Supplier Personnel, Equipment (linked to Location, Owner, Equipment Type) Shipper, Agent (linked to Location & Shipper Type).

Down Arrow Transaction Modules

Gray Arrow Booking Notes

Gray Arrow Genset Activity with provision for Equipment Fuel / Oil & Equipment Checks

Gray Arrow Chassis Activity with provision for Equipment Fuel / Oil & Equipment Checks

Gray Arrow Truck Trip Challan linked to Fleet Log Activity Module

Gray Arrow Fleet Log Activity linked to Truck Trip Challan Module

Gray Arrow Equipment Fuel / Oil

Gray Arrow Equipment Checks

Gray Arrow Reports Module : Genset / Chassis Activity Report & Equipment Status Report

Costing System - Kaytek designed a costing system using hierarchial cost centers to ensure that all trucking division expenses (directly identifiable or overheads) pertaining to the opeations were captured accurately and either allocated or apportioned as per decided methodology and parameters.

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