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Spreadsheet Macro Based Model Brief Writeup

Down Arrow Menu-Driven Spreadsheet Macro Based Model for an Investment Research Institution

KAYTEK had designed, developed and implemented a completely Menu Driven Spreadsheet Macro Based Model for an Investment Research Institution for analysing the annual performance of companies in their Database.

The outputs of this particular project were as follows :

Gray Arrow 1.0 - Managerial Track Record Report containing Four years Financial Data such as : Operating Results, Financial Position, Ratio Analysis - Asset Utilisation, Asset Condition, Leverage, Profitability, Profit Distribution, Managerial Efficiency

Gray Arrow 2.0 - Sources and Utilisation of Funds Report

Gray Arrow 3.0 - Price Value Multiples Report

Gray Arrow 4.0 - Growth Indicators Report

Gray Arrow 5.0 - Shareholding Pattern / Product Mix Report

Gray Arrow 6.0 - Graphs - Asset Structure Bar Chart,

Gray Arrow Liability Structure Bar Chart

Gray Arrow Sources / Uses of Funds Stacked Bar Chart

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