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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

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Marine (Sea) Food Exporter Integrated System

Brief Write-Up of Software Features

Brief Write-Up of the software functionality pertaining to Complete operations of a large Indian fish product and frozen food manufacturer. The software modules involve Sales Order Processing & Invoicing, Materials Inventory Management, Purchase Order Processing and Financial Accounting with Product Costing.

The RDBMS Software was UNIFY on a UNIX platform. Complete System Design, Development, Testing, Implementation & Support was done by Kaytek.

Down Arrow Sales Module - Masters & Transactions

Gray Arrow Sales Orders, Sales Despatches, Packing List, Final Invoice Entry, File Maintenance For Buyer (Customer), Product, Bank, Grade, Unit, Country, Currency, Packing, Port, Group.

Down Arrow Sales Module - Outputs & Reports

Gray Arrow Sales Register, Despatch Register, Packing List, Proforma Invoice, Raw Material Consumption Statement, Product Specification Statement, Final Sales Invoice.

Down Arrow Purchase / Materials / Suppliers Module - Masters & Transactions

Gray Arrow Purchase Order / Indent To Suppliers, Supplier Invoices / Bills, Material Returned To Suppliers, Material Issued To Process, Material Received After Packaging and Checking, Material Reconciled, File Maintenance For Company , Supplier, Product , Bills of Material.

Down Arrow Purchase / Materials / Suppliers Module - Masters & Transactions (cont)

Gray Arrow Raw Master, Actual Rate Transaction, Notional Rate Transaction, Factory Rate Statement, Purchase Indent, Supplier Payment, Raw Material Receipts, Supplier Billing, Raw Material Returns, File Maintenance For Raw Materials, Branch, Party (Supplier), Company, Product.

Down Arrow Purchase / Materials / Supplier Module - Outputs and Reports

Gray Arrow Raw Material Receipts Statement, Raw Material Issued/Transfer Statement, Finished Goods Receipts Statement, Material Reconciliation Statement, Stock Ledger, Material Consumption Report, Stock Status, Material Despatches.

Down Arrow Purchase / Materials / Suppliers Module Related Outputs and Reports

Gray Arrow Supplier Information, Supplier Wise , Branch Wise Summary Reports, Branch Wise , Bill Wise Daily Check List, Branch Wise , Item Wise Summary Reports, Branch Wise , Raw Material Wise (Detailed Report), Periodic Branch Wise, Party Wise Summary Reports, Item Wise Grade Codes, Purchase Order, Purchase Order Status, Stock Status Queries, Stock Register, Pending Bills, Material Receipt Register, Material Return Statement.

Down Arrow Financial Accounting Module - Documents and Transactions

Gray Arrow Petty Cash Payment Vouchers, Petty Cash Voucher, Journal Vouchers, Bank Payment, Cash Payment, Bank Receipts, Cash Receipts, Sales Invoices Raised, Suppliers Purchase Bills Receipts, Costing, Posting, Debit /Credit Notes, File Maintenance For Bank,Cheque,Ledger,Invoices, Purchase,Debits/Credits.

Down Arrow Financial Accounting Module - Outputs & Reports

Gray Arrow Cash Book, Bank Book, Petty Cash Statement, Journals, Profit & Loss Statement, Trial Balance, Purchase Register, Sales Register, Ledger, Balance Sheet.

Down Arrow Costing Module

Gray Arrow Computation Of Cost For Given Process, File Maintenance For Bill of Material , Product, Expenses, Company Control.

Down Arrow Software Overall Features

Gray Arrow Extensive validation of Input Data, Interactive Data Entry, User Friendly and Menu Driven, Extensive User Documentation, Options to obtain reports on Screen, Printer or Spooling to Disk files.

Gray Arrow Kindly email us for more details on the above.

Gray Arrow Information Infrastructure Diagram For A Large UK Fish Product Supplier.

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