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IT Industry - Where is IT Going ?

Future Vision
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Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek IT Consulting Perspectives

The Computer Hardware Industry

Down Arrow Infinite Bandwidth - Memory Implications

Gray Arrow Points from a Talk given by Dr. Raj Reddy of Carnegie Melon University, USA at TIFR (Tata Institute Of Fundamental Research), Mumbai (Bombay) on 28th July 2001. (5 Slides)

Summary - Dr Raj Reddy discusses the exponential growth in future computing power and network capacities.

The Software Services Industry

Down Arrow The Future Of Software Services

Gray Arrow Points of View of Ian Pearson, Futurologist, British Telecom,UK. (5 Slides)

Summary - What is the Fate of the Software Services Industry ? Ian Pearson speaks about Extensive Automation & the Need for Human Insight.

Gray Arrow " Who will rule the IT/ERP Market ? "

Smart google for 'Grid Computing' or 'Always On Computing' for the latest IT Trends.

SUN Microsystems has already launched CPU Processor Hiring on a 'Pay as you go' mode.

Internet based Hosted Applications & Services are the future.

Business Requirements from Information Technology

Down Arrow Real Time Corporation - Perspectives

Gray Arrow Points from a Talk given by Vinod Khosla, IT Visionary & Top (Global #2 ) Venture Capitalist, USA in February 2001. (9 Slides)

Summary - Vinod Khosla presents his perspectives on Real Time Corporations and Key Enablers of their Information Technology Infrastructures.

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