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Brief Overview of KAYTEK Consulting Services

For A Retail Outlet In Mumbai , (Bombay) India.

Leverage Knowledge And Technology

Industry - Retail Functional Areas - Strategy, Marketing, IT

Functional Area - Strategy

Overall Strategy Consultation
- Extensive Product/Service Concept Validation
- Shop Inaguration Launch Strategy
- Retail Outlet Growth Strategy - Business Volumes
- Consultancy/Training on various External Business Models
- Retail Operations Business Plan
- Kaytek Proprietary Framework - Business Entity Types & Their Relationships
- Kaytek Proprietary Framework - Globally Competitive Indian Products/Services
- Complete company wide policies, systems,forms and procedures

Functional Area - Marketing

Marketing Strategy

- Draft of Proposed Franchisee Agreement

Marketing Research

- Customer Behaviour (Pre-Sales, During-Sales, Post-Sales) Inputs
- Global Retail Management Strategies/Best Practices
- Market Segment Identification - 2 Broad Sets of Customer Types

Branding Consultancy

- Kaytek Proprietary Model - Good Brand Name Characteristics
- Brand Name Selection Assistance from Multiple Names
- Search with Indian/USA Federal Trademarks/Canada Authorities for Company Name,Logo, Trademark,Copyright Protection
- Brand Positioning Strategy
- Understanding, Articulating Brand Attributes

Marketing Communications - Overall
- Company Name & Logo
- Marketing Messages, Company Name Communication
- Company Print - (Letter Heads - Size, Logo, Address) , Visiting Cards, Envelopes, Visiting Cards, Envelopes and other Stationery
- Company Newsletter (Print & Email)- Strategy,Name, Design, Conceptualistation, Article Content, Preparation

Marketing Communications - Advertising
- Conceptualisation, Design,Creation Development of Newspaper Insert Flier (Single Color - 2 Page)
- Newspaper - Full Color Half-Page Insert Templates for 2 Broad Different Market Segments
- Full Colour Brochure (foldable in 3 sections) - Art Work Preparation, Co-ordination with Artist, Photographer, Printer
- Preparation of Map of Shop Location to assist visitors
- Shop Launch - Banners - Supplier for Printing, Design & Placement Locations.

Marketing Communications - Press Relations
- Introductory Shop Write-up (used by media)
- Approach note for Brand Attributes
- Press Release for Shop Expansion Opening

Product Communication
- Research of Product Information to communicate Value better
- Product Merchandising Related Communications

Retail Outlet Layout Design
- In Store Signage
- Shop Facilities
- Exteriors Communications

Direct Marketing Strategies
- Mailers/Emailers to Different Segments
- Providing Resources for Creation of Direct Mailers / EMailers

Marketing Events - External Location
- Exhibition Services Strategy
- Pre-Exhibition-Writeup, Computer Based Presentation
- Stall Design, Layout, Lighting, Facade, Strategy
- Preparation of Exhibition Display Panels,Signage.
- Training of people , Stall Manning, Visitor Feedback Monitoring
- Post-Exhibition Follow-Up Mailers - for different customer segments
- Post-Exhibition Follow-up Back Office activity - Database design, visitors information, etc.

Marketing Events - Retail Outlet Located
- Strategising Shop Expansion
- Brand Attribute Related Global Events
- Registering of Events with Global Websites
- Future - Brand Attribute Related Events

Marketing Events Communication (Invitation, Press-Kit Design)

Competitive Activity Research
- Competitive Marketing Communications (Advertising, Press Releases)- Newspapers/Magazines
- Kaytek Proprietary Model - Competitive Retail Operations Analysis Model

Marketing Intelligence - Industry/Competitor Electronic News Tracking
- Email Alerts from Competitors/Industry Players
- Web Research - Downloading Articles from Internet
- Relevant News/Articles Clippings collected From Media,Competitors, Suppliers, Customers, Regulatory Authorities
- Industry Products - Categories, Complementors
- Export-Country-Business-Information-Market Intelligence

Finished Products
- Merchandising
- Product Codification (includes Systematic Categorisation)
- Preparation of Product Catalog Formats (Simple, Detailed)
- Product Attributes Measurement,Product Photography
- Product Database Operations , Electronic Product Images Operations - Codification, Modification

Retail Outlet Customer Experience Enhancements
- Area-wise Different Facilities Usage
- Integrating Customer's Complete Brand Experience
- Store Visitors Feedback Database

Photography - Others
- Non-Product Related
- Retail Outlet
- Factory

Functional Area - IT

Long Term IT Strategy

Website Project - Structure & Overall Framework
- Content - Design, Development, Presentation, Strategy - Reasoning, Mechanics, Feedback from Network
- Software Technologies, Development Facilities Organisation, Development, Upload,Database, CD-Creation,Backup Computers/Scanner
- Design & Development, Prototype Site for Demonstration, Actual Website Design & Development
- Research - Websites Visited Competitor's Website Research - Showroom - Facility - Location - Links - Foreign Websites
- Testing, Upload, Supplier Management, Liason with Outside Agencies in specialised functional areas
- Enhancements (including Support), Incorporating Web Visitor Feedback, Administration, Domain Name Registration, Renewal
- Email Account Registration, Web Hosting Agreement Review, Checking Website Hosting Parameters
- Administering Website Mail-Boxes, Domain Parked Status, etc, Website Visitor Analysis, Updating Website Statistics
- Web-visitor feedback systems, Marketing, Search Engine Registration, Portal Websites/ Auction / E-Commerce Websites

Leverage Knowledge And Technology
KaytekLeverage Knowledge And Technology .
Leverage Knowledge And Technology
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Leverage Knowledge And Technology