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Importance of Voting in India

Who is the true hero or heroine

in a democratic election process ?

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Down Arrow This note is based on an email dated 14th December 2006 (48 days prior to the 1st February 2007 election in Mumbai) sent by Mr. Mahesh Khatri to the ALM (Advanced Locality Management) community residents exhorting them to vote for the civic elections.

Another 48 Days and the heroine (or hero) is..... Guess Who ?

Yesterday, the Election Commission notified February 1st 2007 as the date when the next municipal elections would take place in Mumbai.

February 1st 2007 is 48 days from now (if my maths is correct).

Just like the old Hollywood 1990 movie 'Another 48 hours', the next 48 days promise to be exciting for all of us at Juhu, the heart of Bollywood.

And Guess who will be the hero (or heroine) after 48 days on Thursday 1st February 2007 ?



Because, YOU will ensure that YOU will get out and vote on that day for the candidate of your choice.

And YOU will also ensure that all your friends and family and associates (and even the helpers / workers in your house or workplace) will also do the same.

Respected Activists hope that all 51000 voters in Juhu will do their sacred duty on 1st February 2007 with a 65 % turnout.

In many municipal corporation elections, the winning candidates do so only by a few votes.

Perhaps less than 100 votes in many cases. Maybe even 40 or 50 votes.

So, YOU as the true heroine or hero of this election will ensure that your vote will swing the right way.(whatever way YOU decide).

So that YOU can proudly claim to having done your bit for the future 19% of Indian youth (including our children) who may want to remain back in India.

(As per a nationwide survey reported last week, 81 % of India's youth want to emigrate overseas).

YOU have a sacred duty.

No doubt about that.

Mid August 1947, two South East Asian countries became independent.

One chose the path of democracy.

We are all proud of that decision, arent we ?

Whenever I have visitors from the other nation coming to Mumbai, almost all of them (besides being fascinated by Juhu's Bollywood connection) are extremely regretful of their nation's chosen path and enviable and jealous ( if I may use the word) of our nation's democracy.

Remember 26th July 2005 ? (Mumbai's Cloud Burst )

11th July 2006 ? (Mumbai Bombay Blasts )

And the shocking 31st December 2006 New Year Eve Incident at Gateway of India ?

Events to hang our heads in shame and disgust at our helplessnes and inability to do something.

Now is YOUR chance.

Make sure YOU do not ever let yourself (and our children) down.

Forget the MCGM's (Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai) budget of 12,500 crores.

Forget about it being Asia's largest Municipality.

What matters for you and me, our families and our children is the fact that we need a much better control on our immediate civic environment.

After 48 days, the true heroes and heroines will definitely emerge.

To go out and vote for the right person tomorrow.

And hopefully live happily ever after.

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