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22nd April - World Earth Day 2007

Impact Of Global Warming On Mumbai City

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Down Arrow This note is based on an email dated 22nd April 2007 on World Earth Day 2007 sent by Mr. Mahesh Khatri to the Mumbai JVPD North West ALM (Advanced Locality Management) community residents and others on the 6th April 2007 Global Intergovernmental Scientists Report on the possible impact of Global Warming.

Today, April 22nd 2007 is being celebrated globally as World Earth Day.

This year, the environmental message is very grim specially for us in Mumbai and more so for us in Juhu and Mumbai's other coastal regions.

Mumbai may never become Shanghai, but it will surely join Shanghai. Along with Tokyo; New York; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Dhaka, Bangladesh as the world's low-lying mega cities whose coastal areas are most vulnerable to global warming and rising sea levels.

As per a Global Intergovernmental Scientists Group, in a report released some time ago. Written by scientists, It is a highly technical report. (Adobe Acrobat Reader software required.)

You can also read briefly more about the reference to Mumbai in the above report here (External Link) or the inference that the 26th July 2005 Mumbai rains were also caused by Global Warming.

If your PC has a fast broadband connection, you can also watch the Trailer Video (External Link) of an Inconvenient Truth a movie about Global Warming by the ex-US Vice President Al Gore.

This is not a doomsday message.

However, as per all scientific evidence from respected global groups, Global Warming is a BIG BIG problem facing all of us.

This will not happen today, tomorrow or maybe even in our lifetimes.

But as per this respected peer reviewed scientific study and many others, it will gradually impact our weather and will surely cascade in our children's lifetimes.

What can we do today at our individual level to prevent this from happening ?

On April 22nd, World Earth Day 2007, some small actionable suggestions :

First, we could look at cutting your electricity and energy usage as much as possible.

Second, we could perhaps support the various campaigns of NGO's that work in the area of planting trees and also encouraging consumers to energy saving electric devices.

Down Arrow Some more actionable thoughts :

Gray Arrow Can we plant more trees in Mumbai ?

Gray Arrow Can we all jointly pledge to switch off our lights for a fixed period of time one day to spread the word ? Residents of Sydney, Australia did so last month.

Gray Arrow Use bicycles as personal transport for short distances.

On World Earth Day 2007, spread this grim message to as many people as you think it would benefit.

It is the least that we can do.

Welcome all suggestions and feedback from residents and others as to how we can work together to minimise the consequences of some of the grim catastrophic scenarios that have been outlined for Mumbai's coastal regions in the above report.

After the grim news, maybe some auspicious thoughts to end this email.

Last Friday 20th April 2007 was Akshaya Tritiya ( one of the holiest days as per the Vedic Calendar).

It was also the day that saw our locality witness the Celebrity AbhiAsh ( Abhishek Bachchan & Aishwarya Rai )Wedding of the year. (Or the Decade Or the Century ??)

There was a media report that the AbhiAsh couple (our ALM residents) helped protect the environment by resorting to various green environment friendly measures in their wedding preparations.

If true, then on the occasion of World Earth Day 2007, our thanks to them and our very best wishes for a happy married life.

Also, a big thank you to all civic activists who worked with the Juhu Police to prevent major traffic snarls in the area last week.

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