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Importance Of BMC / MCGM Ward

Committee in Mumbai City

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Down Arrow This note is based on an email dated 28th April 2007 sent by Mr. Mahesh Khatri to the Mumbai JVPD North West ALM (Advanced Locality Management) community residents and other Mumbai civic activists.

It highlights the importance of nominating the correct members to BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation) / MCGM (Municipal Corporation Of Greater Mumbai) Ward Committees.

Monday 30th April 2007 was the last day for nomination of NGO (Non Governmental Organizations) members of the Wards Committee.

As you may be kindly aware, MCGM is organised on the basis of geographical wards.

Residents in our Juhu / JVPD area fall under Municipal K / West Ward.

Kindly do not confuse the Municipal K / West Ward with the Electoral Ward 63 as recognised by the Election Authorities.

The two are different.

Electoral Ward 63 comes under the geographical purview of K / West Ward. As do other nearby geographical electoral wards.

Every Municipal Ward ( K / West in our case) has a Ward Committee which is comprised of the elected legislators of the Ward as well as 3 nominated members.

The Municipal Ward Committee decides the development works that take place in any Municipal ward.

These 3 members have to be nominated by the Councillors.

They have to satisfy the following conditions :

(1) They must be registered as electors in the wards within the jurisdiction of the Wards Committee.

(2) They must be members of an NGO that is registered with the appropriate public authorities, been working for the last 3 years and have submitted their work reports / annual accounts to the authorities for the same period.

They must also have completed one project relating to the Municipalities during the last 3 years.

(3) They must not be members of any political party nor employees of State / Central Government or Municipal Corporation / Council.

It is absolutely important that the right people get nominated on the above Ward Committee.

In the past at the MCGM - ALM (Advanced Locality Management) meetings, local citizen activists have raised this point with the concerned authorities.

NGOs that meet the above conditions that would be interested in representing their members on the Municipal Ward Committee should file their applications at the respective MCGM Ward Offices before the due dates.

This would be in the healthy interests of all residents who desire a clean civic administration in their wards.

The right composition of people without any conflict of interests and business dealings with the BMC / MCGM would help ensure the same.

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