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Mumbai's Civic Issues and Problems

Suggestions for LACC and ALM Workings - 1

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MCGM - Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (earlier BMC - Bombay Municipal Corporation) has instituted a system of ALM (Advanced Locality Management) in Mumbai city.

ALM's along with LACC's (Local Area Citizen Committees) are an experimental MCGM effort in ensuring that Mumbai's citizens engage with the MCGM to try and effectively solve the mammoth problems of this mega city.

Based on his experiences with an ALM (Advanced Locality Management) System in Mumbai city, Kaytek's Consulting Director has been sharing his thoughts with associated NGO's / NPO's (Non-Governmental / Non - Profit Organizations respectively) in the field. Consider the simple charts shown alongside :

Gray Arrow ALM Residents Common Concerns ( Chart 3) must be mapped and communicated with the BMC ward level respective functional Departments (Chart 1).

Down Arrow Chart - 1 - Simple BMC (MCGM) Organization Structure with different wards containing the different functional departments.

Kaytek Suggestions for improving ALM functioning - Chart 1

Down Arrow Chart - 2 - BMC (MCGM) Organization Structure with different wards and councillors in each ward.

Kaytek Suggestions for improving ALM functioning - Chart 2

Down Arrow Chart - 3 - BMC (MCGM) Organization Structure with LACC's, ALM's and their residents.

Kaytek Suggestions for improving ALM functioning - Chart 3

Even if the Ward level Functional Department Information (Name of officer, telephone number) and procedures for resolving concerns is available to the residents, that would be of great help.

Down Arrow ALM's and Elected Corporators

Gray Arrow An ALM acts as the independent interface between the MCGM and the citizens. Actually, this role should be played by the Legislators or the elected representatives. Since their current functioning has got limitations, ALM's can step in to fill the gap.

Down Arrow ALM's and Elected Corporators (cont)

Gray Arrow Councillors at level 3 (Chart 2) sometimes view LACC's and ALM's (Chart 3) as a perceived threat to their interests.

This needs to be resolved since both of them are working in the interests of the residents.

Gray Arrow New York citizens have done a great job in ensuring that they use modern technologies like mobile phones, websites to ensure that their elected corporators are held responsible.

Mumbai's residents must also try and do the same as is happening in some ALM's.

Gray Arrow The founder of Loksatta (an NGO in India) has advocated a system wherein which the ALM's would be formed from elected representatives similar to the electoral process that we have at present.

Gray Arrow Next - MCGM and Role of NGO / NPO Organizations.

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