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Careers in Computers - Transcript - Part 4/8

Interview of Mr. Mahesh Khatri (MK) by All India Radio - AIR Correspondent - Ms. Hema Waghmere on AIR - FM 2 - 100.7 Mhz - Yuva Manch (Hindi Meaning as 'Youth Forum') Program.(The original Interview in Hindi has been edited & translated into English.)

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Down Arrow Transcript Of The Interview - Part 4

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MK : More than 50 years after Independence, if there is one industry in India which could be called globally competitive, it is India's software industry.

In a world class industry since all customers are outside India, the quality of your work and services is very good.

If you can compete with other international companies and deliver world class output inspite of all local constraints, it is indeed very good.

The bulk of India's Software Export trade is carried out with the US.

Also, India is said to have nature's gift that we have an approximate 12 hour time difference with the U.S.


When it is day in US, it is night in India and vice versa. When the US computers are not used at night, we can use them from India via the Internet, thus saving precious hardware investments.

There are many Indian companies which develop software for Western organisations and use the Internet to deliver these services to them.

In the IT industry there is a saying called "Follow The Sun".

There are many big companies whose offices are in Japan, India, Ireland in Europe and U.S.A. When it is morning in Japan, it is still night in India. The Japanese engineers, do the work on computers.

When it becomes evening , that work gets transferred to India instantly using the Internet. Here,our engineers fresh from a good night's sleep, continue the work.

Ireland is 5-1/2 to 6 hours behind us.

Therefore by late afternoon work is transmitted to Ireland to be continued there. Also, from Ireland, the work reaches the US.

In this way, good companies have realized that globally available talented skilled people can work from wherever they are based, not necessarily in America but also in Japan,India and elsewhere.

These companies can then expect a 24 hour working day globally. In fact, Boeing's latest aircraft was designed globally in this manner, cutting down development lead times drastically.

Another important point is that the large US Venture capitalists believe that any new global venture's IT infrastructure should be based in India.

This will definitely create more jobs here.

Therefore the so called slowdown is only temporary and short-lived.

However, the number of software people going to the US from India has reduced after the September 11th incidents.

The US Immigration Laws have been further tightened and will continue to be tougher.

Therefore, software work will come here.


Also, along with computer hardware price reductions, telecom costs are also going down.

After April 1st, 2002, the Indian government has allowed the Internet infrastructure to transmit voice traffic. Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP allows the use of Internet for not only transport of data but also for voice communications.

This will help the individuals and small companies, e.g. consulting engineers, self-employed freelancers, entrepreneurs to offer their services in the global services market.

Therefore the slowdown is temporary. Whenever there is a slowdown, remember the English proverb - "When the going gets tough, the tough get going."


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