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Careers in Computers - Transcript - Part 8/8

Interview of Mr. Mahesh Khatri (MK) by All India Radio - AIR Correspondent - Ms. Hema Waghmere on AIR - FM 2 - 100.7 Mhz - Yuva Manch (Hindi Meaning as 'Youth Forum') Program. (The original Interview in Hindi has been edited & translated into English.)

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Down Arrow Transcript Of The Interview - Part 8

Down Arrow 11.0 - Importance of Continuous Knowledge Updation in the IT industry.

Hema : We are talking about all these things.

There is another thing I want to ask you, in the computer field, is it that whatever new technology comes into the market, it has to be learnt.

Even if you waver from it, it can become problematic. What have you got to say about this?

MK : You have to keep learning all the time.

If you want to extract water from the ground, if the hole you dig is only 2 or 3 feet and you do not get the water, then what do you do ? Do you make holes elsewhere? No.

To remove water, you have to go deeper, 10 feet, 20 feet, etc, wherever you find the water.


In this way, our learning should be similar.

Many people I have seen do a 6-month or 12-month course, and feel they know everything about the subject, but complete knowledge is not to be found in any field.

If you go into any professional career line like medicine or law, to specialise in the field, you will have to constantly acquire the relevant experience and applied knowledge.

So all I would like to say to all young people is that you should do whatever your academic courses that you want to do, but specialise in one area, and get practical experience in that area.

The experience that you gain from there cannot be learnt from any book.

Hema : Yes, Sir but it also happens that due to the introduction of various languages like Java some months ago people had a craze for E-commerce.

Today the world says that it has become obsolete.

And for learning these languages and doing a proper course, a lot of money was invested by them.

It is not possible for all to follow this.

Hence what should be done?

MK : Whenever you learn any language you should know the syntax of the grammar of that language as a starting point.

But beyond the syntax, your foundation and conceptual understanding has to be very strong.

In this manner, once the languages change in the market place ;with a strong foundational conceptual background you can learn the syntax of the new technologies and re-sharpen your skills.

Also, practical real-world experience or work however small it may be is very important.

If you have done real-life practical work for a paying customer, then you will begin to find new avenues and potentials in the work that you have done.

Do whatever courses that you want to, but try and bring them immediately to practical use.


Your work should be able to help your organisation or customers economically by being time saving and money saving for them.

You should study but alongside the studies bringing it into practical application is very important.

Today in the IT industry, there are many senior visionaries who inspite of being in very esteemed positions even today spend one to two hours daily updating their knowledge.

The knowledge that you get has to be updated regularly, to prevent your professional obsolescence.

Hema : Maheshji, we are very grateful to you for coming to our show and giving us so much valuable information.

We would like to thank you from the All - India Radio and FM2 Radio.

MK : Thank You.


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