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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

How Hyderabad Hogged India's IT Investments

" Hyderabad, You Are The Problem ".

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"How can we compete against Rs 8000 (US $ 175 ) per month programmers in Hyderabad ? "

On my return to India from Singapore via Bangkok, I was asked this question at my sister's 35th Floor penthouse apartment in Bangkok.

The questioner, a good family friend had recently closed his software company operating out of Bangkok, Thailand.

A Humble and Decent God Fearing Soul not able to understand the vagaries of the global software industry.


Fortunes have roller coastered during the last four years.

Bloom, Boom, Gloom and then Doom.

For many organizations and individuals all across the world.

One city which has only bloomed and boomed is Hyderabad which, incidentally is one of the major IT locations in India.

It is often nicknamed as 'Cyberabad'.

Fortunate to be driven by the vision and energy of one of India's few far sighted politicians - Chief Minister Mr. Chandrababu Naidu.

He was often called as India's Power Point Chief Minister for his extensive usage of his Power Point presentations in his Laptop.

When the ex-US President Mr. Bill Clinton had visited Hyderabad a few years ago, Mr. Naidu had seen to it that before he gave a scheduled presentation to Mr. Clinton, he went through the trouble of showing the same to Mr. Clinton's personal staff to get their first hand feedback and polish the same before the real one.

The same Chief Minister who managed to snatch and stretch a five minute allotted time slot to over an hour with Mr. Bill Gates when he had visited India for the first time many years ago.

He managed to ensure that Hyderabad pushed out many strong contender cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi out of the reckoning when Microsoft decided to open it's third software development center in the world after the US and Ireland.

The same far sightedness and initiative managed to get A Global Top-Notch Business School to set up it's Indian location in Hyderabad inspite of strong competition from four other state governments in India.

So Is Hyderabad really a Problem or an Illustrative Solution ? Similarly, Is Shanghai In China a problem or a Shining Solution ?

To me, both the above cities epitomize the Drive and Energy to alter their destinies to a dynamic degree.

"Houston, we have a problem".

Inspite of the above Apollo 13 setback, further Missions to the Moon went on successfully.

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If a mission to Mars, Millions of Miles away can be successfully visualized, surely all of us who are determined to change our destinies have the means to bootstrap ourselves once again. If we want to.

Gray Arrow Determined Dynamism Definitely Dumps Defeatism.

If we can dream, we can do. Hyderabad, perhaps you have shown us the solution.

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Updated on 27th March 2009
Posted on 16th February 2005

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