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Falling Off A Bridge !

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Software Consulting Perspective

This article was first written on 7th April 2004 as an Offshoring Weblog from India on a global technology knowledge sharing website.

Ouch ! That Sinking Feeling.

When your pet project was killed.

Without any rhyme or reason.

Your world crashed.

Your Hard Toil Flushed down the Toilet.

Perhaps, It is the same feeling that a Blog Author gets.

When there is silence to his or her efforts.

Silence is the Road Bump on the Blogging Bridge.

Or, perhaps painful potholes on Mumbai's roads.

Remember the old (Indian ??) Jungle Saying ?

Silent Spectators Surely Suffer.

In the Dark.

The Blog Bridge, like all our other work, rests on four pillars.

Down Arrow P-D-C-A.

Gray Arrow Plan.

Gray Arrow Do.

Gray Arrow Check.

Gray Arrow Act.

As articulated by the Original American Quality Guru, Dr. Edward Deming, whose PDCA Cycle can be used to leap across the Blogging Bridge or any other work activity.

As IT Professionals, let us not repeat the same mistakes.

What the world's largest Automobile Industry did many years back.

When they ignored the above man.

And his PDCA cycle.

And let Japanese Car Manufacturers pedal away into our hearts and minds.

The key word is 'Act'.

Maybe a Curse, Comment, or A Clap.

Even A Slap.

But, 'Act'.


I (Still) wait.

Absolutely Still.

But not for long.

Statutory Warning : This Blog Author has determined that Silent Soaking can be injurious to your Intellectual Health.

And future Wisdom & Wealth.

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