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Is Managing Offshoring or

OffSourcing Operations Complex ?

Not Really. If You Can Manage The D's.

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Business Consulting Perspective

Offshoring is Neither a Magic Wand,
a Mysterious Mantra.

Offshoring has to be Managed.

When I say Managed, what do I mean ?

I Mean - Manage the 'D's.

Down Arrow 'D' Meaning the 'D'iscipline To....

Gray Arrow Manage Details.

Gray Arrow Manage Deliverables.

Gray Arrow Manage Daily.

Gray Arrow Manage Determinedly.

Gray Arrow Manage Documentation.

Gray Arrow Manage Disputes.

Gray Arrow Manage Distances.

Gray Arrow Manage Differences.

Gray Arrow Manage Damages.

Gray Arrow Manage Development.

Gray Arrow Manage in Depth.

Gray Arrow Manage Downsides.

Gray Arrow Manage Doggedly.

Gray Arrow Manage Dearly.

Gray Arrow Manage Delays.

Gray Arrow Manage Definitely.

Gray Arrow Manage Details. - 'God is in the Details' remarked somebody. Never ever abdicate detailing of your business operations to your offshore partner, even though they may claim to know your business well. Only you know your business well. Nobody else. If you are also not equipped to do it, get in specialized business detailing experts. But you have to manage the Details for Offshoring to succeed and save your money.

Gray Arrow Manage Deliverables. - Ensure that your organization is equipped to properly receive and manage the deliverables that your offshoring partner will provide. In the case of software, Deliverables could be Software Program Code or Documentation (Program Listings, Test Reports, etc.) Ensure that the software versions at both the ends (you and your offshore partner) are compatible for you to be able to receive the electronic versions of the deliverables easily. Uniform Proper Naming and Storage Conventions should be followed for all deliverables exchanged between you and your offshore partner.

Gray Arrow Manage Daily. - Offshoring has to be managed daily. Regular, Prompt follow-ups either via email or telephone are an absolute must. Make sure that you understand the time differences between you and your offshoring partner. In many cases, you may find that your offshoring partner is willing and flexible to work with you as per your convenience during after-office hours or even on weekends. Use that to your advantage to get a daily update on what's happening out there offshore.

Gray Arrow Manage Determinedly. - 'No-Excuses Management'. You must be absolutely determined to ensure that your Offshoring Operation is on track as regards committed time and resources. In any project, things will always go wrong. Make sure that you are determined as well as your offshoring partner to ensure that the train is on track soon. If required, use the Stick to get things done.

Gray Arrow Manage Documentation. - I always judge the quality of any business operation by the quality of the documentation that it generates. Good Quality Documentation is absolutely essential. Periodic Reporting Templates, Specifications, Testing Reports and other project documentation is the key.

To Be Continued.....

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