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Healthy Heads, (Hopefully Not) Needing Nails

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Offsourcing Consulting Insight

Down Arrow This article is the second in a planned series of
articles covering Some Strategic Insights for Individuals
and Organizations to help tackle The Mega Phenomenon of Global
Offshoring and Outsourcing Of Work.

If you recollect, I had stated that Outsourcing is not just about cheaper prices, it is about much much more.

What is this much much more ?

Maybe the much much more (beyond lower costs) could mean better quality of services to customers.

Or say, faster turnaround times.

Maybe, personalization of an individual customer's requirements.

Let us consider Education and Health Care, two of the most important sectors of any economy like India or the US.

Since I have already touched upon Education elsewhere, let me illustrate this via a personal example from health care.

A close family friend has had a series of unfortunate medical misfortunes since the last couple of years.

His experience with a local hospital in Mumbai has been horrific.

Mind you, he is a Top Billable Dollar Patient.

Finally, in frustration he flew down to Houston, Texas because of his absolute conviction in the excellent quality medical services of a hospital there.

Needless, to say even though his US-medical-expense bill was huge as compared to the local hospital here, his mind had been made up.

A small example illustrating that it is just not always lower costs, but other factors, most notably quality of services.

In an article titled " The Programmer's Future " in the November 17th, 2003 issue of Informationweek , Ex-Microsoft Distinguished Engineer, Charles Simonyi, President and CEO of Intentional Software Corporation (ISC) makes this point very emphatically.

I quote " Take the very simple example where classically educated people in India answer phone banks to tell customers....

At some point, would it not make more sense to fix the software so that the need for the calls would not arise in the first place? "

Poor quality stinks. Badly.

Even across continents.

An Excellent product or service will sell !

So, it's about Marketing 101.

Getting the basics right.

Taking care of our customers.

As technologists, we need to ask " Are we part of the solution or are we part of the problem ? "

Have we been Hot-Headed Hammers looking for (Non-Existent) Nails ?

Rather than hitting the nails on (our) heads right the first time ?

In every product or service that we have offered to others ?

The answer is really within ourselves.

Think about it.

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Posted on 17th February 2005

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