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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

An Indian Manufacturing Executive's

Experiences from his first China visit - 8/8

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An Indian Manufacturing Executive's First Visit To China - Part 8.

The author is an Indian executive, specialising in the automobile manufacturing industry and currently based in Muscat, Oman. These are his first-hand experiences of China.

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A major learning from the visit was that even with China's large population, they have worked wonders with the economy with a seemingly free culture and an open society similar to any developed democratic nation.

People enjoy nightlife, shopping, eating out like anywhere else.

Equality of opportunities and willingness to work is another good trait seen.

It may have been compulsory earlier but it seems to have become a way of life.

Had it not been for the English language, they would have beaten us (Indians) in all spheres especially business.

Down Arrow A few learnings and Do's and Dont's

Gray Arrow Be prepared and armed with dry food that you can carry with you since getting suitable food either for Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians is difficult.

Gray Arrow Do not try to commute by yourself.

Gray Arrow Make sure that your local contact meets you at the airport itself.

Gray Arrow China is a vast country with a very beautiful countryside.

Gray Arrow Try and avoid carrying US$ travelers cheques since they are not accepted by any hotel or shopping mall.

Gray Arrow Carry cash instead.

Gray Arrow In case if you cannot avoid carrying the cheques, locate the Bank of China as soon as you land, since the cheques will be encashed only by the bank, with proper documentation that needs to be supported.

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