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What is Offshoring ?

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Business Consulting Perspective

Down Arrow What is Offshoring ?

A work - An Activity, Task or Process that is being performed for us or our organization by our owned facilities or people located in another country is Offshoring.

It is the establishment of an organisation's existing or new work facilities in another location which is situated offshore i.e. away from the organization's country's shores without losing ownership of the offshore facilities. This is very important.

These Offshore Facilities (Organizations or People) belong to our Organization. They are Internal, not External Entities. Offshoring can pertain to both Manufactured Goods or Of Professional/Other Services.

Offshoring - A Kaytek Viewpoint

Offshoring - A Kaytek Viewpoint

Offshoring - A Kaytek Viewpoint

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Down Arrow Offshoring helps you achieve your 3 business objectives of

Kaytek Cut CostsCutting Costs

Kaytek Satisfy Stakeholders Satisfying Stakeholders

Kaytek Raise Revenues Raising Revenues.

In a recession hit global economy, offshoring makes your organization look at mechanisms to help you achieve each of the above 3 business objectives.

In addition, offshoring helps your organization understand business practices, work cultures, processes and markets of fast growing emerging markets around the world.

It is thus a natural driver of innovative business growth.


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