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What should I do if my

pharmaceutical job gets offshored ?

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Offshoring Consulting Insight

Kaytek Consulting Director recently answered a query from a USA New Jersey Based Pharmaceutical Professional seeking to find out as to what could be done in case her job was offshored to India.

Down Arrow Overall Job Scenario

Like Software, a lot of pharmaceutical jobs will get outsourced in the future from the US to countries like India because of the cheaper costs there and the possible convergence of regulatory and manufacturing requirements between the two countries.

You have to watch out and actively re-orient your career accordingly.

For example, one of the largest multinational pharmaceutical companies in New York has announced job cuts worth US Dollar $ 4 Billion there.

Simultaneously, they have announced plans to increase their Mumbai headcount to over 2000 people over the next few years.

Many Indian pharmaceutical companies are planning to set up their base in the US as it is the world's largest health care market.

You could look on them as possible future employers and research them accordingly.

Down Arrow How can you protect your career in the US ?

Some Tips as regards the same are given below :

Down Arrow Learn how to manage Offshore Projects.

If your organization's US office is offshoring jobs to India and other countries, these offshore projects will have to be managed.

Because of the time difference between India and the US of about 12 hours, US project managers have to put in work at odd times during the work day.

Not many people are ready for such adjustments in work timings.

Hence, more challenges and subsequently more opportunities within the US itself to help manage such projects.

Down Arrow Sharing Knowledge via Electronic Forums.

Tap specialised forums within the pharmaceutical industry ( I am sure there will be many) and share your knowledge with others.

Slowly create your own distinct online identity and a personal brand so that people within the industry know you.

Down Arrow Interacting with Academic Institutions.

Within New Jersey area, there are many excellent Academic Institutions and Educational Institutions.

Start networking with them to help share your valuable knowledge that you possess via teaching, mentoring opportunities for their students. They will welcome this.

Use these interacting opportunities for two-way knowledge sharing and enhancing your own professional expertise.

Down Arrow Work your Network.

Activate your contacts and network as much as you can with your existing company's customers, suppliers and other employees so that your future career options do not remain just within your own organization.

Also, try learning about foreign (Indian, Chinese) work culture and habits to help broaden your work perspectives.

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