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The Offshore Outsourcing Operation may be just a small speck of your business today.

But it surely will be a critical component of your business operations in the future.

Also, your Offshore Outsourcing Supplier is not just a Vendor.

But a Key Partner in your efforts.

To help share with you the learnings (and benefits) of the Offsourcing Initiative.

Global Organizations have an urgent imperative to source both products & services from the cheapest possible global sources and sell them wherever they can realize the maxium margins.

There are many innovative practices that are being implemented by smart outsourcers today.

Some of these involve joint ownership and revenue exploitation of Intellectual Properties created as a result of the outsourcing learnings.

These opportunites are being targetted at different geographies & other organizations who are not yet advanced on the outsourcing learning curve.

These shared organizational learnings have proved to be valuable assets in a globalized world leading to niche business opportunities.

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