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" If you do not know where you are going, you will surely reach there.." remarks someone in Alice in Wonderland.

So true for any business operation.

More so, in the case of Offshore Outsourcing when you may not be aware of potential problems due to the physical and cultural distances involved.

Manageable Metrics are the Key.

The Magic Mantra (if there is one) is to Measure and Monitor Newly Offshored Operations on a continous basis, till they reach a point of semi & permanent stability.

It takes time for the offshoring processes to get mature.

This delay of process maturity is further accelerated by requirements creep & turnover of personnel at the outsourcing teams & locations.

There are Web Based Project Management Tools available that can help monitor & manage outsourced operations.

Many of these are available as Open Source, Shared Services On Demand Low Initial Investment basis.

They provide an excellent low cost launching pad and platform for monitoring and managing operations at outsourced locations and must get integrated with the outsourced operations at the earliest.

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