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A to Z of Offshoring / OffSourcing....

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lan, Prepare, Persevere !

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Down Arrow Plan, Prepare, Persevere !

Starting or Moving an Business Operation from one country to another which is thousands of miles away is not easy.

Different Timezones, Differing Cultures, Variant Work Practices, Undefined Quality Standards add to the problem.

Plan your work, then work your Plans goes an old adage.

As in any other new initiative, Preparation and Perseverance are important. Let us add one more 'P' here. 'Patience.'

Do not expect your Offshore Outsourcing Partner to understand your requirements overnight (even though he may deliver the work overnight).

Crossing the Outsourcing Chasm can be an arduous uphill battle at times.

Demanding Distances have to be bridged for a successful shared work operation.

Openness & flexibility on both sides is a necessary key attribute to make offshoring successful.

Knowledge Transfer ( both structured & unstructured ) during an Offshoring process has to happen on a bi-directional bridge.

This lays a strong foundation for the operational and financial success of the offshoring operation.

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