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T - Test Thoroughly !

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Down Arrow Test Thoroughly !

This is applicable in the case of software projects that are offshored.

Testing is a very crucial phase of any software project.

Test Scenarios, Cases, Key Operating Assumptions need to be documented and communicated to the offshoring team at an appropriate time.

Do not Outsource your Testing Function to your Offshore Supplier initially. Keep complete control of the same.

If you have to outsource the same, make sure that the offshore teams of people who create and the people who test are different.

Under any circumstances, testing cannot be abdicated.

Drive the whip to ensure that everything gets tested. Scientifically.

Agile Methodologies & Automation in Testing ensure higher software quality.

Also, documentation standards need to be uniform across all offshored operations.

Web Accessible Quality Documentation ensures shared learnings across all project locations.

It not only helps in better quality software deliverables but faster project turnaround times.

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