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A to Z of Offshoring / OffSourcing....

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UV - Unfailingly Verify !!

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Down Arrow Unfailingly Verify !!

Trust, But Verify.

Take all commitments as regards time milestones & quality parameters given by your offshoring supplier with a pinch of salt.

Things will go wrong. They always do. Murphy is always right.

Verify every statement, every assertion made, every piece of software code delivered by your Offshore supplier.

If necessary, set up redundant back up operations for verification. The effort will cost more but will unfailingly help in the long run.

Your Offsourcing Initiative should not become an Offsouring Initiative.

Else, your organization & career prospects will sour. Unfailingly !!

Organizations have learnt to minimize offshoring risks by sharing projects amongst multiple partners.

Even for the same partner and same project, they sometimes insist that project locations are segregated physically.

Again prudent risk minimization strategies based on failed committments of previous bad experiences.

When things go wrong, (as they always will), risk minimization strategies stand out smartly. Vindicating the notion that excess prudence, & caution in planning never hurt anybody.

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