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asy Efficiency & Economy

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Offshoring Consulting Insight

Due to Offshoring, Operational Efficiencies & economies are possible not just with costs but also with time.

Offshore Outsourcing Organizations are able to economize not only money but also calendar time.

The approximate twelve hour time difference between India and the US is used to enable Project Teams which work in synchronization on a 24 hour basis.

When the team in India has finished it's work by evening, the US team takes over at the start of a new day there.

Hence, not only costs shrink due to cheaper Offshoring currencies, but also due to faster turnaround calendar times and shorter work delays.

This has led to many organizations discovering that offshoring helps them reduce cycle times and time to market.

In a competitive market, this ability to speedily introduce a new product or service with a low cost 24 hour local plus offshoring backend is priceless.

Also, when one offshores an existing work activity, since the offshoring team is looking at the problem afresh, many times they are able to bring new strategic insights to the table.

These new perspectives often result in unanticipated work savings in an existing operation that may have been running earlier for years together without any improvements or changes.

These are bonus side effects with long term time and cost savings that one may receive during an offshoring exercise.

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