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Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Offshoring Consulting Insight

The biggest advantage of Offshore Outsourcing could be the ability to flexibly leverage external resources quickly.

If the markets in the US are slow, the teams in India can be scaled down.

When the market rebounces back, hiring can be speeded up.

This creates a dynamic strength to one's operational ability.

The ability to Scale up during boom times as well as scale down during lean times becomes a key business advantage.

Call it Offshoring Leveraged Fast & Flexible Flat World Agility.

The new trend of Cloud Computing will further extend this fast and flexible advantage for offshored operations.

The Internet Cloud Based IT Computing Infrastructure Resources can be accessed from anywhere globally. Global teams situated anywhere in the world can be scaled up or down based on market volumes leading to extreme operational agility.

Concepts of Dynamic IT or Flexible Computing that were theories in earlier times are now being actually implemented by smart global organizations.

The only constraint is the availability of an Internet Connection and A Knowledgeble Person to access the Global Computing Cloud Based IT Resource.

Computing Devices are no longer a constraint. Cheap Internet Enabled Smart Mobile phones & Netbook computers facilitate global IT operations.

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