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A New York Global Pharmaceutical Company Senior Executive on a visit to her company's office in Mumbai India discovered the first hand reality of Offshore Outsourcing in a personal manner.

This person spends 3 days of her week at her company's plant in Connecticut and for the rest of the week telecommutes from her home in New York.

Once her personal computing and telecommunication equipment (similar to the setup in her New York home) had been set up in her lavish suite at the Marriot Hotel in Mumbai, she exclaimed " My Gosh ! I could be working from any part of the world. I do not need to be physically present in New York."

Obviously, she had sensed the danger to her job back home.

Why would her company spend over A Hundred Thousand Dollars on her job when they could get similar work done in India for maybe one fifth of the cost ?

Is it really worthwhile to spend US 50,000 $ on a person who only faces a Computer Screen for eight hours a day when the same work can be done at much less the cost offshore ?

Does it not make sense to leverage a cheaper offshore resource to making sure that this US $ 50000 job can be made to deliver much more output for the organization ?

Also, is it not safer to have the key organizational knowledge with a trusted offshore partner than kept internally where it can possibly be leaked easily to the competitor down the road ?

Offshoring helps leverage key organization job knowledge and learnings in a meaningful manner.

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Posted on 22nd April 2004

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