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ithout eXpanding Your Budget Zeroes

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Offshoring Consulting Insight

Normally any new business initiative comes with the tag of New Capital Investment.

However, in the case of offshore outsourcing, the low hanging fruits are available almost instantly in the form of cost savings.

All else (including possibly much more savings) comes later.

Budget cuts need not always be painful, if one can squeeze out extra resources and functionality from offshore outsourcing.

India, the country where Zero was discovered by the ancient mathematician Aryabhatta promises to add extra Zeroes to your budgets.

As painlessly as possible.

Offshore Outsourcing along with Cloud Computing promises to radically decrease IT Operational Budgets in the next few years.

Companies look at Offshoring for Cost Cutting Reasons.

But choose to continue the same for strategic resourcing and market differentiation methodologies.

Offshoring is no longer an option.

It is an absolute imperative for survival and growth in a wired world.

Taking advantage of a flat 24 hour work day is no longer a choice.

It is a meaningful mandatory must.

For all smart individuals and organizations.

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