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" How does Kaytek Address

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Down Arrow How does Kaytek Address Software Projects Risks ?

Every Software project goes through the following phases : Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Implementation and Support.

During each of the above phases, we try and maintain continous communication with the client in terms of understanding their requirements and expectations through exchange of documents via email and if necessary via telephonic or online chat discussions.

Gray Arrow Communicate Continously...... For one of our projects that we did completely offshore in Mumbai, we exchanged more than 750 emails, 50 technical documents with more than 900 pages of detailed software project information with the customer through the project duration.

(Please note that besides the above documentation, the software itself had more than 800 pages of online help documentation.)

Continous Communication also helps breaks barriers.

However, it is not so easy. Communicating with people of different cultures in various time zones all over the world needs a fair amount of planning and work. Offshore operations of large multi-nationals have failed as a result of improper daily co-ordination. As a small example, in our case, we make sure that our software team members in Mumbai know the work timings of our customer offices in different parts of the world during the project duration.

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