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" How To Minimize Software Project Risks ? "

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Down Arrow Suggested Take-Aways for Risk Minimization

In my humble opinion, the safeguards for both sides (our clients and ourselves) would be the following :

Gray Arrow Proper Documented scope of work instructions, deliverables agreed by both the parties as per defined methodology.

Gray Arrow Continous honest Communication at both ends during the project on all issues (problems, suggestions, difficulties, etc).

Gray Arrow Joint evaluation of all work done on a continous Regular basis. (This is possible by uploading the work-in-progress site onto a server at regular intervals) and allowing the customer to check out the work on a daily basis.

Gray Arrow Flexible approach to understand each other problems and requirements.

Source Code Escrow is really a last resort when " everything else fails " backup safety strategy for the customer.

Realistically speaking, from the vendor's point of view, a business situation should never arise to result in a customer being forced to reclaim the source code under escrow and take it to another vendor.

If however, they have to do the same, then obviously the quality of the source code documentation will determine the understanding and the success adoption rate of the other vendor.

Both the customer and the vendor need to understand the importance of technical documentation and it's accurate 1:1 mapping with the source code and be able to periodically independently verify the same.

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