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A Common Definition of Quality

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Importance of Ensuring Common Understanding of Definition of Quality of Products and Services.

In a Quality Conscious Organization, it is important to ensure that each person has a uniform understanding of the definition of Quality of Products and Services.

The definition as provided by ISO 8402 for defining quality is as follows :

" The Totality of all the Features and Characteristics of a product or service that bear on it's ability to satisfy stated or implied needs. "

What does this mean for people in different functions and work areas of the organization ?

Gray Arrow First, the employees must understand customers stated needs.

These are needs that have been expressed or specifically stated by them.

Gray Arrow Second, they must try and understand our customers implied needs.

These are needs that are NOT specifically or directly stated.

These have to be anticipated by each person based on their understanding from interactions with the customer.

It is very important to understand the difference between stated needs which are expressedly mentioned and Implied needs which may not be vocalised directly by the customer.

Gray Arrow Third, the organization must try to design and build products and services with features or characteristics that fully satisfy both the above Stated AND Implied Needs.

e.g. For an Information Technology (IT) Software and Services Organization, the same definition of quality would apply for all employees engaged in Designing, Developing and Delivery of the following :

Gray Arrow Quality Software Products and Services.

Gray Arrow Quality Maintenance Support Services to Customers

Gray Arrow Quality Training Products and Services.

Gray Arrow Quality Marketing Solutions and Services to Hardware Customers.

Gray Arrow IMPORTANT : There is no difference between Internal & External Customers.

Committments to internal employees are as IMPORTANT as committments to an external customers.

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