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IT Does Matter. Maybe As INK...

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IT does matter !

Maybe as INK...

INvisible - Knowledge.

INdividual - Knowledge.

Harvard Business School's Nicholas Carr's Article " IT Doesn't Matter "... in the May 2003 Edition of the Harvard Business Review raised a hornet's nest.

And lively debates in IT (Idle Techies ?) Electronic forums and august corporate board ( bored ?) rooms across the globe.

The CEO's and the CFO's finally got their revenge !

(No I am not talking about Sarbanese Oxley here. That was the shareholders revenge !)

They had watched in dismay their IT Dollars disappearing mysteriously.

Into the pre Y2K and post Y2K Everything E Paranoia driven spending spiral.

CIO's, CTO's and CKO's (and any other IT C*O that you can think of ) possibly had to beg, borrow for their IT Budgets.

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Rather than comfortably Butter and Buffer IT expense items beneath those thick Excel worksheets.

For months it seemed, that recession hit lots of time free on their hands IT experts and gurus had no other work on hand except debate Mr. Carr's premise that did IT or did IT not matter?

Since talk is always easier than delivery (especially in the IT world), the debates were downright amusing,defensive, if not deadly.

(" No !

How can IT be dead ?

We are just at the beginning of a golden Internet era...

We are where the railroads were in the 18th century

....Blah ! Blah ! Blah ! ..." )

I had been amused by this debate, watching, surfing on innumerable electronic forums and TV talk shows on this very important topic.

Why Important ?

Because the Global Information Technology (IT) market is estimated to be US 3 Trillion Dollars per Annum.

What is my viewpoint

? Simple.

IT does matter, maybe as INK.

Before you assume that I am asking you to throw your PC and mouse out of the window and replace it with a Tablet PC and stylus or go back to pen and paper (which may not be such a bad idea), let me explain.

By INK, I mean INdividual Knowledge.

By INK, I also mean INternetized Knowledge.

Does Information Matter ?

No ! Only Knowledge Matters !

Does Technology Matter ?

Only when it gives me my INdividual Knowledge !

Knowledge which is relevant and personalized for my INdividual requirements.

I also like my INdividual Knowledge to be delivered to me wherever I am on the globe.

Via my PDA. Or PC. Or Mobile Phone. ...

(Hint ! My device is IP enabled.

Can you please use the Internet ? )

Hence INternetized Knowledge.

IT does matter.

Maybe even as I-I-IN-K.

INvisible - INternetized - INdividual -Knowledge !

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Posted on 11th February 2005

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