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Peeling The Network Layers. Without Tears.

The ONION-NET Layers of an Organization

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Web Consulting Perspective

Just as an Onion can be peeled into multiple layers, an Organisation's Internet Based Facilities should be layered in Design and Structure.

Most Organizations have 3 types of Internet Based Facilities - Websites, Extranets and Intranets.

Down Arrow The ONION-NET suggests that these be layered as an Onion.

Gray Arrow Outside Layer - Websites for the External World.

Gray Arrow Middle Layer - Extranets for Customers and Suppliers.

Gray Arrow Innermost Layer - Intranets for Owners & Employees.

An Architecture for Web / Internet Facilities

The ONION Net Layers - A Viewpoint

These 3 Layers further need to be Integrated ONline In ONe Seamless NETwork.

This is an organization's ONION-NET - A Layered Software Architectural Approach towards designing websites, extranets & intranets.

Peeling an Onion perhaps brings tears to one's eyes.

However, an ONION-NET Layered Design reduces tears due to Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Problems and Issues.

Gray Arrow Director's Article ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library published by Microsoft.

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