Down Arrow The ONION Net Layers - An Architecture for Web / Internet Facilities
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The ONION Net Web Layers - A Kaytek Web Consulting Viewpoint

Down Arrow The ONION-NET Web Layers of an Organization

Just as an Onion can be peeled into multiple layers, an Organisation's Internet Based Facilities should be layered in Design and Structure.

Most Organizations have 3 types of Internet Based Facilities - Websites, Extranets and Intranets.

Down Arrow The ONION-NET suggests that these be layered as an Onion.

Gray Arrow Outside Layer - Websites for the External World.

Gray Arrow Middle Layer - Extranets for Customers and Suppliers.

Gray Arrow Innermost Layer - Intranets for Owners & Employees.

These 3 Layers further need to be Integrated ONline In ONe Seamless NETwork.

This is an organization's ONION-NET - A Layered Software Architectural Approach towards designing websites, extranets & intranets. Peeling an Onion perhaps brings tears to one's eyes. However, an ONION-NET Layered Design reduces tears due to Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Problems and Issues.

Gray Arrow Director's Article ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library earlier published on MSDN by Microsoft.