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What lies beyond ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) ? EAI (Enteprise Application Integration) - A Kaytek Viewpoint

Down Arrow What lies beyond ERP ? EAI

Enterprise Application Integration

Integration between different application software installed in an organization has multiple dimensions with varying degress of complexity.

It also happens to be a dynamic moving goal post. Going ahead, Organizations will need increasing integration complexity on a increasingly real time basis along with with simpler software front-ends.

EAI links Information between the three broad types of software in an organization : ERP, Non-ERP and Internet / Web-Based Software Facilities.

ERP in the visual indicates all Packages such as CRM - Customer Relationship Management , SCM - Supply Chain Management , PLM - Product Lifecycle Management and other ERP Modules.

There is also an increasing need to connect in real time the application softwares installed both on premise within the organization and on external clouds. Also, many organizations need both intra cloud and inter cloud operability for their IT infrastructure. And lastly, there is a strong requirement to link various social media platforms with the information systems of the organization.

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