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Which SAP Solution For Large Corporate Enterprises ?

mySAP Business Suite - A Brief Overview

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Down Arrow Large Corporates - mySAP Business Suite (mySAP BS)

SAP's solution for the Large Corporate Organizations operating in Multiple Geographic Global Locations is the mySAP Business Suite (BS).

mySAP is the Generic Product Family or Product Category Word used for the different SAP sub-systems.

These are as follows :

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning),

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

SCM (Supply Chain Management)

and SRM (Supplier Relationship Management).

They along with X-Apps are collectively referred to as mySAP BS (Business Suite).

Hence, mySAP Business Suite (BS) consists of the following components : mySAP ERP , mySAP CRM , mySAP SCM, mySAP PLM , mySAP SRM & X-Apps .

mySAP ERP has different modules - FI / CO, MM, HR, SD, PP, etc and Netweaver as shown here.

Gray Arrow mySAP CRM - Customer Relationship Management.

Down Arrow mySAP SCM - Supply Chain Management consisting of the following functionality in various modules - APO (Advance Planner and Optimiser) Core Data Interface, Planning for Demand, Supply Network, Production, Capacity and GATP (Global Available To Promise).

Gray Arrow mySAP PLM - Product Life-Cycle Management.

Gray Arrow mySAP SRM - Supplier Relationship Management.


Gray Arrow X-Apps - Specific Business Solutions for a particular functionality developed using Netweaver by SAP or other 3rd-Party Vendors.

Down Arrow Choosing the right SAP solution to meet your requirements can be tough.

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