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Guidance for MBA & Management Students

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Down Arrow Kaytek Interactions & Project Guidance for Management MBA Students in Mumbai

Down Arrow Final Year Student of IGNOU's (Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi) MBA Programme on the following Project :

Gray Arrow Internet Strategy for Small Scale Enterprises.

Down Arrow Mumbai University Final Year MBA Management Students on the following Projects :

Gray Arrow Retail Outlet Attributes Model in Mumbai.

Gray Arrow Heritage Furniture Industry-wise Competitive Advertising Study.

Gray Arrow IT Organization Customer Satisfaction Study.

Down Arrow Interactions with The Dean of A Reputed Management Institute in MBA on handling the recruitment slowdown of MBA students in Mumbai :

Some thoughts on some possible steps to alleviate the immediate urgent problem of recruitment slowdown of MBA students in Mumbai :

1.1 - Each student to set up multiple Google Alert facilities with key words as regards jobs in their functional, geographic and business vertical area of interest.

1.2 - For the Finance students specifically, certain sectors of financial service industries are still witnessing capital investments, funding in India & will continue to grow over the next few years. Examples are

1.2.1 - Micro-Finance

1.2.2 - Insurance (including Actuary related work) &

1.2.3 - Non-Urban Banking.

Students may be encouraged to target specific organizations in the above area e.g. in Microfinance - perhaps SKS India, Spandana, etc.

1.3 - This slowdown is a one of a century event.

Mr. Mukesh Ambani Chairman of Reliance last week mentioned that this is not just a cyclic recession - It requires a substantial re-adjustment of baselines - both at a macro economy & micro organizational level.

Mr. Ambani's statement merits extreme attention. (Especially so as one of the Global MNC Organization's Sales Head mentioned that Reliance Group was the first corporate to sense this coming liquidity slowdown more than 6 months ago in their internal purchase negotiations asking for what seemed at that time an extremely high credit period of 2 years).

5 years ago, we had published an article - Death of An MBA wherein we had articulated some problems as regards MBA education.

In the current scenario, mindset adjustment & expectation management of students is the most critical factor to successfully navigate the slowdown.

1.4 - MBA Job Seeker Students should be in a position to provide the HR departments of their recruiting organizations with a ROI (Return on Investment) Calculation on their prospective employments. In today's scenario, every cost item however small has to be looked at very seriously justifying multiple ROI calculations).

In the current slowdown, every new organizational recruit has to provide computable Value Add to his organization.

1.5 - Economic Times carried a survey stating that more than 2/3rd of all MBA & Engineering Students in India are looking at entrepreneurship options within the first 5 years of their careers.

Kaytek mentors entrepreneurs & senior executives on a selective personalized basis.

We would welcome interactions with students who are keen on entrepreneurship careers.

As Mr. Ram Sriram - Renowned VC Investor in Google has said " The best global companies get created during a downturn " .

For students who have a sound idea, business plan , a team the risk appetite as well as the financial strength to sustain themselves for a couple of years, this is the best time to become an entrepreneur. We can strive to help them towards the same.

1.6 - You have rightly raised the issue of further increasing the Institute's Brand Capital in an increasingly competitive global market in the near future. This is indeed a strategic concern.

Also, with foreign universities expected to tap India's vastly lucrative MBA market by offering courses here in the future, all Indian MBA Schools (across all tiers - Top to Bottom) will have to seriously work out their long term positioning, survival & growth strategy.

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Last Updated on 2nd February 2009.

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