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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

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Mentoring For Entrepreneurs & Executives

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek Strategic Advisory Insights

Gray Arrow New ! Mr Azim Premji, WIPRO's founder retired as the Executive Chairman on 30th July 2019. We are fortunate to interact with this great human being and India's most generous philanthropist who has pledged to give away USD 21 Billion $ of his wealth. As WIPRO's business partner in our early days, Mahesh Khatri shares his personal and professional experiences and highlight four of his key traits - A-Z-I-M - An acronym for Agility, Zeal, Integrity and Meticulousness - Medium Article Azim Premji - A Legendary Indian Industrialist Retires Today (1st August 2019 )

Down Arrow Save & Make Money

Our Personalized Confidential Mentoring Services help you achieve your business goals in :

Kaytek Raise Revenues Raising Revenues Kaytek Cut CostsCutting Costs Kaytek Satisfy Stakeholders Satisfying Stakeholders

Down Arrow Overall Mentoring Perspectives & Experiences

Gray Arrow Strategic Confidential Entrepreneur Coaching & Mentoring Services

Based on our experiences with entrepreneurs and senior management executives, we have confidential Mentoring & Coaching Interactions with Interested Entrepreneurs in various facets of managing their organizational and inter-personal conflicts and issues.

These private one to one individual counselling sessions help entrepreneurs in getting independent valuable professional perspectives.

In case you are interested in initiating a dialogue with our Consulting Director on the same, kindly email using the link at the bottom of the page. All personal interactions email exchanges will be strictly confidential between us & you.

Gray Arrow Half Day Structured Training Program For Entrepreneurs To Help Them Understand Digital Business Opportunites and Challenges.

Gray Arrow Ready for the New Organization ?

Gray Arrow Weblogs - Overall Square Separator ERP Square Separator

Gray Arrow Musings - (Insights-N-Ideas)

Gray Arrow Weblog - Why Indian Entrepreneurs need Professional Mentoring and Consulting.

Down Arrow International Finance Corporation (IFC) Focus Group In India - Interactions

Down Arrow Kaytek Consulting Director Participated in a Focus Group Meeting organized by IFC - International Finance Corporation, Washington in Mumbai on Entrepreneurship and Technical Education Development across Value Chains of four industry sectors in India.

There were Information Communications Technology (ICT), Automotive Components Manufacturing, Retail and Agriculture Based Businesses.

Extensive Interactions were held via Email between Kaytek Consulting Director & IFC representative on further detailing of strategies on the above sectors.

Gray Arrow Entrepreneur's Feedback

Down Arrow IT - Hardware & Software

Gray Arrow Online advisory interactions with IT solution providers entrepreneurs on AI (Artificial Intelligence), automation of accounting operations, cyber-security, malware prevention strategies amongst others.

Gray Arrow How is the Internet impacting your Business ?

Gray Arrow Thoughts on Scalability, Growth & Financing Issues for IT & Software Entrepreneurs.

Gray Arrow Cloud Computing For Startups.

Gray Arrow IT-Industry Square Separator ERP Square Separator Software Future and Trends.

Gray Arrow Technology Square Separator Software Sections.

Gray Arrow Regular Interactions on Offshoring, Global IT Products & Services Strategies with Entrepreneurs.

Gray Arrow Experienced Functional Executives switching to Careers in Information Technology - Software.

Gray Arrow Want to switch to SAP?

Gray Arrow Mentoring for UK British Council Chevening Scholarship Selection of IT professionals from India.

Down Arrow E-Commerce Ventures

Gray Arrow Business plan discussions, competitive strategy study and software architecture advisory services for online pharmacy players.

Gray Arrow Angel funding evaluation and advisory services for online lingerie brand.

Gray Arrow E-Commerce Web Site Hardware Sizing Estimation for 1 Million Hourly Transactions.

Gray Arrow Provided Extensive Technology & Commercial Inputs, Business Model Validations & Website Portal Development Services to a US wholesaler for setting up a B2C (Business To Consumer) E-Commerce Portal. Some more details here.

Gray Arrow Technology Transition Advisory Services for a fast growing E-Commerce Food Delivery Services Venture in Mumbai.

Down Arrow Automotive / Auto Components

Gray Arrow Evaluation of business plan for angel fund raising by LIDAR (Light Detection & Ranging) Sensor solution provider for Autonomous Vehicles.

Gray Arrow Advisory on angel investment in Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery manufacturer.

Gray Arrow Mentoring and consultancy for Auto Component Manufacturing Units in India in the areas of :

Gray Arrow Shifting from Legacy Information Systems to ERP - SAP Area.

Gray Arrow Dr. C.K. Prahalad's - Bottom Of Pyramid (BOP) Lessons for the Auto-Component Manufacturing Industry.

Down Arrow Family Businesses

Gray Arrow Online advisory interactions with entrepreneurs using online social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Twitter & Linkedin. These are on various topics of interest such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), cyber-security, Demonetisation, GST, global macro economics, India / China / US geo-political & economic strategy amongst others.

Gray Arrow Online advisory interactions with entrepreneurs on setting up divisionalized operations, company wide compensation plans and growth strategies without equity dilution.

Gray Arrow Kaytek Consulting Director has conceptualized proprietary frameworks that help understand key issues confronting family owned, managed and controlled businesses.

These are in the following areas :

Gray Arrow Articulation of Family and Individual Mission, Vision & Values.

Gray Arrow Understanding The Inherent Challenges of Expectations Management in Family Businesses.

Gray Arrow Evolution of Solutions To Help Solve Structural Family Business Problems.

Gray Arrow Design of Management Accounting Systems For Family Businesses.

Gray Arrow Weblog - Guruji Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Advice.

Down Arrow Financial Services

Gray Arrow Online advisory interactions with entrepreneurs on the Aadhar platform in India.

Gray Arrow Informal Technology and Business Interactions & Insight Exchanges for Mutual Fund Distributors & Independent Financial Advisors in India.

Gray Arrow For one private equity company, we helped them question the feasilbility of several million dollars of obsolete IT resources that one of their CRO (Clinical Research Organization) Portfolio company was proposing which helped save money.

Gray Arrow Suggestions for Portfolio Companies of Private Equity & Venture Capitalists.

Gray Arrow Suggestions for Microfinance Entrepreneurs.

Down Arrow Hospitality, Tourism & Travel

Gray Arrow Brief Strategic Insights To Financial Services Entrepreneur Diversifying Into Local Travel Agency Business in India.

Gray Arrow Brief Strategic Discussions & Business Model Review of a Global Travel Portal.

Gray Arrow Independent Review of 3 Star Hotel Website & Agent Portal in Dubai, UAE.

Gray Arrow Periodic Strategic Business & Technology Consulting Inputs provided to the Owner Manager of a 5 Star Hotel in Mumbai, India.

Gray Arrow Brief Feasibility Overview Study for setting up Service Apartments in Mumbai for a New York, USA based Investor.

Down Arrow Women Entrepreneurs

Gray Arrow Women Entrepreneurs - Mentoring & Guidance Square Separator Civic Activist Square Separator Freelance Marketing Communications Professional Square Separator

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