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(Sureshot) Death of Plain Vanilla MBA

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Gray Arrow Harvard Business Review - May 2005 Issue has an article How Business Schools Lost Their Way by Warren G. Bennis, James O'Toole. (Updated on 16th June 2005)

Gray Arrow The Business Standard - The Strategist Section of Tuesday 15th March 2005 has a quote (originally from Businessweek) by Marie Eiter, Director of Executive Education at Sloan School Of Business, MIT. Referring to the increasing trend in US B-Schools to offer specialized Executive programmes, she says " Plain Vanilla doesn't fit at all anymore. " (Updated on 15th March 2005)

Gray Arrow The Economic Times, India - Mumbai Edition dated 10th May 2004 carried an article " What are MBA's good for ? " which may be perhaps useful. (Updated on 27th January 2010)

Gray Arrow The Legendary Indian Industrialist - Reliance Group Founder - Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani's definition of an MBA was As An Acronym for 'Mane Badhu Avadhe'. (Translated from Gujarati as meaning 'I Know Everything').

Even the Founder of HDFC - Housing Development Finance Corporation - Mr. H.T Parekh (one of India's most respected business persons) has publicly expressed similar viewpoints.
(Updated on 16th April 2004)

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Posted on 19th February 2004
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